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Bucket List for going viral

Bucket list for going Viral

Video is without any doubt one of the fastest-growing media. Mix it up with social media and it can spice up your social media content showering you with competitive advantage & perhaps a marketing relevance.

How to make a viral video? If one had an answer to this question, all marketers would sleep well at night. A viral video is a combination of several factors. It can be deconstructed post factor for attribution. But a common ingredient in all viral videos is honesty. People lap up honest content which has honesty in intent. Not a single video with a need to impress has gone viral.

We have gone Viral. Have you?

Engrave this to your fact checklist - 74% of all the traffic comes from Video. Videos that you post for social media should be beautifully shot with a succinct & impactful message. The experts say the power of social media can take you to different digital spaces and make you witness awesome experiences

Social media video production is a simple process but it still needs a dedicated team to pull off in the right way. Luckily, our team at AVATAR Studios is here to help you to explore the best video production services in Bangalore. Avatar understands this space a level above and generates unique requirements of social content and collectively strategise the social media campaign.

Avatar can arrive at the best social media video. We are the best video production company in Bangalore working in tandem with your social media strategy with a potential to make it viral.

We have gone Viral

What we do


Videos are without any doubt one of the most engaging media these days and our job is to get you the best click-through rate with the most effective content.


We offer you non-scrollable content. What more do you need to create awareness for your brand. Boosts made easy, you don’t need an awareness campaign.


Complication was never our genre and will never be. Impact and impressions are lasting when it’s simple and we make the videos simple yet striking.


We ensure that your video goes into qualified buyers' who have an interest in your business with our detailed targeting methods for advertising avenues.

Do you want to make a video with the right ingredients with a potential to go viral?

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Why choose AVATAR studios for Social Media Videos


AVATAR studios have a creative team that develops winning videos right from start to the finish. We employ the best script copywriters, editors, designers & more.


You will receive dedicated support from us through the entire campaign irrespective of your need. We are there to help you with everything we have got.


The social video production techniques are quite effective and thus you can experience great viewing rates for the social media video campaigns.


Our team consists of professionally trained editors, writers, designers, executives and strategists having real experience in shooting social videos.


Our talented production crew members can work alongside you to ensure that your social video production is according to your requirements and Vision.


What our clients say

We had an amazing experience working alongside AVATAR studios for developing our brand video featuring our products. Their team was extraordinarily creative & professional and they perhaps came up with a very impressive video.

We recently worked alongside AVATAR studio and we had a great experience throughout the complete video creation process. The video was highly engaging and it indeed boosted the ROI of my business. I would like to thank their creative & professional team.

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