Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos

There was a time when case studies were paper printouts in files and books. Case studies today are a video. It is an edit of archives and footages sometimes interspersed with a presenter or simple bold text. Websites like Vice, Brut, buzzfeed, quint and better india rely on their video stories to retain audience.

A quick one minute or two minute video that can brief you with a situation, its history and current status is enough to give an angle to the audience. Dopamine keeps the audience hooked for more and more information presented with curiosity and interest level intact. This involves a lot of photo editing, finding the right transitions, apt pacy music and intersting story. But even here, it all begins with a script.

An AV scriptwriter can create a script out of fragments of related information to be put together. This will also have the right click bait line, visual, title, flow of the lines to be put as superimposed text and supporting data and finally a signoff with the identity.

Sometimes the videos can be achieved without going to a shoot or production phase. Instead it would need research and curation of content to be presented and a post production process whereupon it can be made into an edgy and nifty video.

But these are news videos. Can a brand leverage this format to its advantage and present case studies as a part of its brand building or alignment strategy?

Few years back, a popular instant noodle brand with its name synonymous for instant noodles, following bad publicity from alleged violation norms and standards further fuelled by politically motivated conglomerates gave an angle to the situation, it disrupted the instant noodle market with several players. To bring back the loyalty and trust of the customers, the brand consistently worked with social media and diversification for a long period to instil faith for the brand. They played to their advantage of the brands legacy and brought in an angle of nostalgia to their brand asking people to share their memories with their brand. Customer videos of their loyalty to the brand.

The above was an example of saving a brand. Below is an example of building a brand. Social media videos can also employ metaphors in its communication to best represent the system with parallel semantics.

A single explainer video can do wonders for your pitch. It may even become viral. Take for instance, the Dollar shaving club viral video. It is an honest pitch resonating the economics of operation and acceptance of one's flaws offering grooming for everyone. Today it is a billion dollar company which managed to successfully leverage the brand with a single kickstarter video. The next video with greater production did not chase bigger stars but a bigger inclusive idea.

How to make a viral video? If one had an answer to this question, all marketeers would sleep well at night. A viral video is a combination of several factors. It can be deconstructed post factor for attribution. But a common ingredient in all viral video is honesty. People lap up honest content which have honesty in intent. Not a single video with a need to impress has gone viral.

Do you want to make a video with the right ingredients with a potential to go viral?

Call us to find out how.

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