Video Production Company in Bangalore

We create compelling content that captivates audiences,
inspires action and drives results.

What we do

6, 15, 30, 60 Second Commercials

We create commercials where first few seconds count, highlight why your brand is great, engage the customer for the call to action.

Documentary Films

We create poetic, expository, observational, participatory, reflexive and performative documentaries.

Event Coverage & Editing

We capture events, programs, scenes and activities for film-making, video-editing and production.

Post Production

We have expertise in images, visual effects, audio sound effects, music, colour correction, editing and final production.

2D Explainer Videos

We develop concept and script, VO recording, Storyboard, Visual Style, Animation and Music to engage the audience with compelling visuals.

Video Editing

We have In-house editing studio and capabilities in logging footages, first assembly, rough-cut, fine-cut and final-cut of video production.

Selected Projects

“Come, have a look at few exceptional Avatar Studio Creations. We will be glad to work for you”

We tell great stories in
Vivid visuals and good music

Avatar Studios believes in Telling Stories in Videos that are Design-Perfect, Appeals instantly to the Audience, thereby compelling Call to Action and enhancing the right Brand Appeal.

Avatar Studios Video Creation is a process of Conceptualising, Script Writing, Pre-production planning, Video Shooting, Video Editing, Video Post Production and Optimisation and Distribution.

Avatar Studios have experienced team of Videographers, Photographers, Sound Engineers, Video Editors, Sound and Light Engineers for executing your Story.

Our Facilities

Color Grading Services for Ad-Films, Corporate Videos, Documentaries, Web Marketing, YouTube Marketing and more.

We bring the content, photographs, videos and infographics on the web to communicate your products and offerings to your audience.

  • Color Grading and Color Correction - Color Correction is more than just balancing and matching and has the innate ability to improve Story-telling.
  • Finishing and Editing - Our focus is on minute details and passion for perfection to deliver high Quality without compromise.
  • Conforming - Our process ensures all the edits and creative decision match the frame accurately and to perfection.
  • Post Production - Our Experience and Expertise is in editing raw footages, transition effects, Voice and Sound, and Dubbing.
  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Creation - We provide DCP to screen your Production anywhere with High Quality.
  • Advanced Noise / Grain Reduction - We have Advanced Tools and Inhouse Studio for Noise and Grain Reduction
  • SubTitle Creation - We provide Subtitles in all Indian Languages with great support from Language Experts.

We’re a creative video production studio with tremendous expertise in Conceptualisation, Video Production and Post-Production and On-Time Delivery

Our Skills

Avatar Studios have a great team of experts in Concept and Story Telling, Videography, Photography, Sound and Light Engineering, Visual and After-Effects, Video Editing, Video Post-Production and Creative Direction.

We have experience in Corporate Films, Ad-Films / Commercials, Explainer Videos, Event Coverage, Documentaries, Music Videos, Social Media Content, and more. We will be glad to work with you!

Concept and Strategy




Post Production


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