Importance of video in communication

Videos have taken the world by storm over the past few years. They are trending everywhere be it social media, websites, television, advertisements, etc. Videos always have a strong impact and are easy to understand when compared with static content. If we talk about social media like Youtube for instance, containing only videos is the second most popular social media platform. Not only YouTube but other social media platforms also are filled with videos when we scroll. And when it comes to digital marketing video campaigns have always shown greater responses/ results than static content. The main goal of any kind of business is to let its target audience know what its brand is all about and to gain their trust and videos are the better way to communicate with the audience. The reason why videos are so powerful is that they give a personal touch to the message we are trying to convey and hence the audience will be able to connect at an emotional level which is the most important thing in communication.

Reasons why videos are effective than any other communication medium:

Video communication1. Keeps the audience engaged: Videos are interactive and easily grab the audience’s attention. It encourages them to take some action. It is also seen that people are more likely to click on a video ad when compared to the normal text. Also, people love sharing videos on various social media platforms if they find them interesting.

2. A video is a combination of multiple mediums: Videos are always entertaining as it includes texts, animation, images, podcasts, statistics, graphs, infographics, music script, etc. No other medium has this ability.This power of having multiple mediums makes it easily understandable, interesting and can leave a lasting impression on the audience if made the right way.

3. Videos are educational and memorable: Our brain processes visuals faster than text. With videos, one can understand the body language, tone of voice, and will have eye contact that helps in retaining the information faster. Videos are a great source to connect with the audience emotionally and if you know how to do it the right way videos can be unforgettable even after many years.

4. Videos grab the attention: Suppose you want to tell a story about the idea of starting your business. The audience will not be able to understand the tone or feel the emotion if it is in the lengthy text format. However, if the same story is told by using videos through the right images, animations and graphics the audience will be able to connect more.

5. Videos are convenient: Videos have made our life easy. Be it for the business owner or the consumer, videos are convenient as you can share anything and reach the audience across the globe while sitting in the comfort of your place. Although certain videos require planning there are people who are earning pretty well just by doing their routine vlogs and social media has made it easy to upload and share that can be done by anyone.

6. Videos build trust: If there is an e-commerce business a simple informative video about a product will give the audience a clear picture rather than displaying it in the image. Social media also provides an option to go live through the videos that is the best way to interact and connect with the audience. Videos are transparent and show that the brand is genuine which in turn builds trust among the audience.

7. Ability to reach the widest market: With the videos evolving so much in recent years many businesses will reach success with the help of videos as it drives half of all the mobile traffic. Just with Youtube people have gained immense fame, popularity and earned huge money that they don’t regret leaving their 9-5 jobs.

When we talk about videos it doesn’t have to be just to the point or formal. With videos you can experiment with many things to attract the audience. In fact, it is the best opportunity to bring your creative side. Videos play an important role in the marketing strategy for all kinds of businesses such as educational, e-commerce, corporate, and many others. Few of the reasons why you should have the video strategy for your business are:

  • Google loves videos
  • Boosts conversion and sales
  • Attracts mobile users
  • Improves email marketing campaigns

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