What is video production?

Video Production – What to What not to.

The video production process deals with the entire method of creation of a video. Even if it’s a short film, a full-length movie, business marketing video, television commercial, music video, or any other type of film. The entire process may be a little different. The basic process can be divided into three categories:

  1. Pre-production
  2. Production
  3. Post-production

The categories mentioned above mainly include video production, from the time the idea pops into your head to when the film is released to the public. Therefore, it helps provide a clear definition of video production by describing the entire process.

Let us learn about the three main phases of Video Production

1. Pre-Production

It is called the planning stage. It does not involve any recording during the process but requires preparation such as:

  1. Choosing idea
  2. Scripting
  3. Casting
  4. Crew member selection

So, everything is prepared for the recording process.

Pre ProductionEach module is organized in preparation for the recording process. The scene locations are chosen accordingly, and the script is edited and revised as per the requirements. The outline of the entire recording process is formed. Many features can be reviewed as well.

The proper lighting for each scene is quite critical. Sunlight and artificial lighting do not get much mixed well, so most of the day, climatic conditions, and the location for every scene should be carefully selected. Looking for the

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Studio2. Production

The cast and the crew, once selected, the script is edited and approved. The actual production process can start. The crew and cast members travel to each location, and the scene is shot until its complete content. Everyone moves to the next scene then.

The process then keeps on repeating till the entire scene is shot till satisfaction. Once each scene is properly shot, it’s time to move on to the next stage of post-production.

3. Post-Production

The post-production consists of all the actions performed after the actual shooting of the film has been completed. It includes merging the entire scene, synchronizing the audio and the video, editing the audio and video, and then adding some special efforts.

The process then keeps on repeating till the entire scene is shot till satisfaction. Once each scene is properly shot, it’s time to move on to the next stage of post-production.

Formal Video Production

Every video production agency offers video production concerning the service. It allows the companies and the individuals who doesn’t have any filmmaking experience to create marketing videos or any other business-related videos to increase the company’s image and display the products and services.

There has to be much more behind the video production to be good enough than just a guy holding a camera. The video must be targeted and then distributed correctly, or the video will unfortunately not hit many audiences. The video describes the general overview of the products or services, is great to have a unique niche.

But in case of the competition, the video must be shown to a potential audience who would choose your company over the competitor’s company. For such reason, you might get better results by forming several short videos and also which are targeted at a very specific demographic. The correct platforms then distribute the video to reach the maximum number of people interested in the company’s services.

Get to know the significant differences

Video production is in a class B itself and employs various technical, creative and design techniques. It is usually meant to market a product, any idea, company, or concept. Let’s check out the difference with other video styles below:

  • Video Production vs. Film Production : The contradicting element present between video production and film production is the medium used to achieve the result. A film production makes use of the film to record the visuals which the camera sees. Also, the video production captures the images with the help of the tape of the memory card. Old habits are also die-hard, and the filming is becoming less and less common.
  • Video production vs. videography : The video production is quite different from videography as it is the story’s planning or directions. With the help of the video production, each detail from the creative concept to the execution is usually used.
  • Video production vs. Video editing : Video editing is technically a part of a much broader video production process. The task is performed with the help of a technician at a computer. After the images are recorded, the video production is the overall process carried out by the crew of the experts who comes up with the capture, process, and edit process for the finished video.

Bottom Line, Thus, Video production has it all- Writing, Shooting and Editing! It’s the visual for the content that leaves the best impression on the targeted audiences!