What are the Benefits of Video Advertising?

Video advertisements are now the most important tool for advertisers. Video ads have redefined the way new-age audiences consume content. Their popularity has exploded with the rise of video-sharing platforms and social media websites.

These factors have increased the demand for video ads. That’s why every leading video production company in Chennai has long-term partnerships with major brands and corporations.

Video marketing is their primary technique of marketing their products to relevant audiences. Unlike textual blog posts or static web ads, video ads are far more effective at building brand perceptions.

Here are some direct benefits a brand receives when it partners with a video production agency –

Higher Sales

Video advertisement

Adding video content to your company’s website could get your target customers hooked to your brand. Engaging, well-produced videos will make customers think positively of your brand.

Whether it’s a video explaining the details of a product or a three-minute ad – video content always engages audiences. With engagement comes brand loyalty. With brand loyalty comes more sales.

Modern-day shoppers shop via their mobile phones on mobile-friendly websites and apps. If your business website/app features high-quality video content, it will secure more customers.


When you partner with a video production agency in Chennai, you get various video production options. A top agency will produce all types of videos for your brand. Some of your choices include –

  • Promotional Videos: Promotional or brand videos play an all-important role in marketing campaigns. These videos display the brand’s quality, vision, mission, and other key details.
  • Event Videos:Hosting a corporate event? Attending a seminar? Donating to a fundraiser? Why not video record the occasion and share it with your brand’s target customer base? A top video production agency will cover any type of event. They’ll create videos that make the events and the brand look better.
  • Studio Shoots:Brand leaders get full access to a premium-quality studio set-up when they partner with a video production agency. At this studio, brand leaders can shoot all types of videos. From educational videos to long-format interviews – brand leaders can shoot all types of video content in a professional studio environment.
  • How-To Videos: Teach your target audiences something beneficial or useful about your products. Help potential shoppers to make purchase decisions by creating convincing videos. Also, shoot some testimonial videos featuring feedback from your past/existing customers.

The leading video production agencies of the world also create animated videos, 360 degrees videos, and augmented reality videos.

Creating such a broad variety of video ads for your company, product, or service will promote trust. People will understand why they should be interested in your products/services.

Video recording on studio

Long-Term Investment

Video ads never die. They keep circulating on the Internet. Since branded video ads are usually 2-4 minutes long, they’re easy to consume.

These ads typically contain content about the product/brand. The content in the video remains true or relevant long after its release. Unlike blog posts or paid ads, they don’t die out very easily.

The Best Return on Investment (ROI)

Promotional videos

“Video advertising is expensive and not cost-effective” – This is one of the biggest myths plaguing the business world. Over the past decade, over 80% of the businesses that have invested in video ads have received amazing ROI.

That’s mainly because video content performs the best on Google, Facebook, Reddit, and other major Internet platforms. You may save a few bucks by creating blog posts and not video ads.

But, if your blog posts don’t perform even 10% as good as your video ads – what’s the point? A well-shot, high-quality video ad can fetch your brand millions of views within weeks (or even more).

No other advertising medium offers this type of promise. Once your brand starts creating premium-quality and mobile-friendly ads regularly, it will receive millions of impressions every week.

Searchable, Shareable, and User-Friendly

Video camera recording event on stage

Video ads get a lot of engagement. A lot of this engagement comes in the form of comments. Users leave all sorts of comments (negative/positive) on video ads. The video-makers also add specific tags or keywords to the titles or descriptions of their videos.

These pieces of text make video ads searchable. Lookup any famous video ad on Google just by typing in terms that describe the ad. You’ll find it in an instant. That’s why video marketing plays such an essential role in SEO.

Video marketers optimize their video’s content, titles, descriptions, etc., with keywords. The keywords make the videos searchable. Plus, video content is the most shared type of content on most social media platforms.

You’re a hundred times likelier to share video content than text content. Lastly, video ads can be used to describe or explain everything about the brand, its products, services, etc., in detail.

These qualities make video advertising highly beneficial for brands. Whether you want to connect with your customers or boost web traffic – video ads provide the best solution!