Music Videos / Portfolio Videos

Music Videos / Portfolio Videos

Music videos have an innate quality of going viral. Many indie artists have catapulted to fame with their Music Videos that have a far fetching reach compared to songs only in an audio form.

The inherent abstract quality of Music can benefit from visuals to set the atmosphere and mood of the song it picturises and the put a face on the voice that haunts the listener.

Avatar studios can achieve your music video dreams in spite of your constraints and challenges to equip you with a video that may go on to become a revenue model.

Our talented crew can design the ambience, choreography, lighting, sets and camera work to capture the artist in their element. Post production can bring together the best bits and provide a twist for added glitter or finish for the expected impact.

If you think that your time has come, reach us for to discuss your music video.

Did you know that most musician make money out of live performance. Their core revenue comes from live performances and appearance fees. Who would you call to perform? Someone who is technically sound and to be discovered? No. Someone who is famous. Why? They will have a fan base to stay through the event. Their audience become a part of their fan engagement.

I am an upcoming artist, I am an upcoming musician. Do I need to create a music video? If you would like to get invited to perform, the question is a sin. Do you remember artists getting invite because of their sound cloud account? Not much.

No matter your age or experience as a musician or a performer, a music video can visually and non verbally communicate how your stage presence is. What is common between all the chart topping musicians? Their presence in front of the camera. Talent in singing is a must but is lost in void undiscovered without exposure.

Madurai Souljour, a group of three hip hop artists from Tamilnadu release a music video in 2016. They become a viral. Puma enters the sub culture market and releases a slew of activations including a hip hop blitzkreig called Suede Gully curated by Divine, a mumbai based Hip Hop artist. There are more popular hip hop tamil artists but come 2019 who gets picked up for representing the real hip hop in the region? Madurai Souljour. Their endorsement continues to a music video for NBA, basket ball a part of the hip hop sub culture. All the buzz, thanks to their Music Video.

Another example of a performer, a mediocre musician but a great story teller, Wilbur Sargunaraj starts off making music videos of honest expressions. He is admired across the world and performs around the world. Universities study him for cultural intelligence under anthropology. Again Music Videos.

A good music video can catapult an artists career. This might sound like unfair to purists. But till there is an alternate way of discovering talent in the music domain, Music Videos will continue to be a catalyst for the artist and continue to be. Are you a carnatic musician, singer, Light music singer, A Tik Tok star or a youtube star? Do you want to be one of these? If you consider yourself to be an artist who can sing that people relate to and if you need to be out there for the world to discover you, you might want to call us and get the best way to showcase your talent in the form of a Music Video

How will we produce your music video? The first thing is the track. Avatar can help you with that if you need. If you already have a track to work with, it need not be a completely finished and mastered track. It can be a track locked for production and arrangement. A beat sheet for such a track can give a measure for visualisation. An AV format of script will then be worked out with sequences ideated for the song. The song will then be picturised in different lensing. The entire video will be put together at the edit cut to beat. Alternately, if the spirit of the song is slower or mellow, then a recording of the performance with music instruments can be worked out. The sessions can be captured and recorded.

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