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Avatar Studios is a top notch video production company in Bangalore that is specialised in producing best in class music videos. We, as the best music video production company in Bangalore understand the requirements of our clients and present them with the results at a very cost effective price.

The best part is that some of the best music production companies are associated with us. The music videos produced by us helps to gather views for the as well as create established artists.

Why should you make a music video?

If you are an aspiring musician, artist, singer, then you should definitely get your music video out such that you get recognition for your efforts & talent. A good music video released on YouTube and various other channels will ensure that you are an artist and it would be released for public consumption.

Moreover, if your music video is good, then you can have a great career ahead in the world of films & music. Other than this, without a music video, it can get quite difficult to reach out to a large audience or the correct target audience. Thus, music video is a must-have in today’s world and it can make a difference between stardom & anonymity.

Why Music Videos

How we do

Music Analysis

You need to send the song to us through email or WhatsApp such that we can start working on the project.

Concept Evolution

Once we get the song from you, then we can create a concept or story based upon that. Other than this, we can put in your ideas as well into the video.

Budget Plan

Once the concept is approved, then we discuss upon the budget and also give a breakdown about the same.

Plan and Shoot

After the initial payment is done, we start off the shooting work of the music video with full crew & cast.

Post Production

After balance payment has been done, then we start off with online and offline editing and hand over the final HD file to you.

Why choose AVATAR studios for music videos

We understand the needs of fresh artists & Music producers because we are associated with music on our own.

Other than this, we understand the nervousness that first time artists go through when it comes to making videos. Also, we understand that they might have limited budget and they want to make the most out of it.

Thus, we create concepts as per the budget such that location, shooting and production cost can be kept under the control.


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