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The only Video Production specialists focused exclusively on Live Events.

We have experience in all aspects of film production. Kino Life Studios was created to fulfill the growing demand we saw for professional event coverage. In that time, we have been trusted by some of the most influential people from around the world to film their events. We have dedicated ourselves to exclusively focusing on live event coverage. In your video, we will combine our expertise with our artistic passion and align this with your needs.

How is it that Elon Musk launches space rockets in North America and across continents, it can be watched at the same time in India?

Since internet, many of the sophisticated technological have been made available at the click of our finger tips. Avatar takes advantage of live streaming hardware and software technologies that work over internet to deliver live telecast or streaming of an event across the world.

Is it like a Whatsapp video call? Yes and No. The basic principles and the protocols are same but a hardware based live streaming offers robust and stable streaming that can be viewed across devices and screen around the world.

A showroom gets inaugurated in Bangalore and its investors can watch it live in London. All that had to be done was have a streaming kiosk that can be offered as a value added service with event coverage or as a standalone service has the neccessary technology to cater live on the internet. When Avatar handles a live streaming service, failsafe streaming is ensured with standby internet and robust hardware to handle the streaming over multiple platforms.

An online editor employs linear editing on a switcher which gets its feed from multiple cameras installed at vantage points. The editor operates the switcher for an aesthetic and functional output of editing done online or on the fly, without delay in time in real time. This feed is provided as the mpegstream emulating a camera for all the platforms such as Facebook, Youtube or any other live offering platform that you can imagine apart from a choice of dedicated platforms that can ensure reliable streaming. Embedded codes can be provided for the live streaming to be hosted on your website.

Do you have an event or a launch or a concert or a religious function that needs to be streamed live?It is probably wiser to hand the responsibility to a reliable partner such as Avatar. Get in touch with us to discuss your live streaming solution further.

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