Video Interviews

Video Interviews

Video Interview, Vlogs, Case studies and Reviews are not exception but rule in engaging users at a personal level of interaction. They are sometimes a part of a larger narrative like a documentary or corporate video. They are effective and complete by themselves as a format of effective communication too.

Avatar offers professional interview videos that can achieve your communication goals. Avatar has experienced crew who capture vox populi and interviews adapting to the requirement using state of the art equipments owned and operated by Avatar Studios. Avatar also provides resources on a hire per session basis such as Crew for Hire, Post production Services and a Studio space with Green screen facility.

Take a look at some of the interview videos from Avatar and call us to discuss your ideas and needs.

Why do we have so many leaders and professionals from different organisations sharing their ideas and thoughts online? They do so in the form of TedX talks, Webinars, Tutorials and OpEd videos. For them to be invited gives a message that they are at the top of their game and an expert. This helps to form an able network and more importantly gain credibility as an SME. She uploads regular photographs of her baking. She must be a good cook. For example in rudimentary terms.

Apart from individuals, even corporates adopt this approach of sharing industry insight. They iterate CII or FICCI reports on their domain and draw parallels from personal experience to gain credibility as a company which is a pioneer with thought leadership.

How do you achieve this? The entire content is structured in to a Q&A and shared on social media platforms with appropriate graphics. Sometimes it is shot inside a studio and an appropriate background is added later.

This is a communication strategy not only for external communication but also internal communication. Can a CEO speak with each and every individual, some employee confidence building measures. It is a logistically heavy exercise. In situations like the pandemic where travel is restricted, a video interview is the best method to reach all the employees and instill confidence in their companies chartered path.

The CEO could communicate how their company strives to make a difference to the world in their companies orientation video. An HR could brief the values of the company. An internal committee can brief new hires on Prevention of Harassment at workplace. An expert can talk about safety practices to floor supervisors and admins. The Head office can communicate standard protocols to all the branches across geography and culture. A marketing head can brief their channel partners for briefing new products or services. A video on a showroom wall to explain certification of jewellery about precious metals. A video resume for potential recruiters or educational institute. The possibilities are endless.

Do you have a need to communicate to a large number of scattered audience who you want to communicate with? Call us today to plan your video interview for an integrated approach to corporate communications.

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