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Possibilities are Endless

The Possibilities are Endless

Video Interviews, Vlogs, Case studies and Reviews are no exception but rule in engaging users at a personal level of interaction. They are sometimes a part of a larger narrative like a documentary or corporate video. They are effective and complete by themselves as a format of effective communication too.

We take Interviews beyond Endless

Avatar offers professional interview videos that can achieve your communication goals. Considering us as the best video production company in Bangalore, Avatar has experienced crew who capture vox populi and interviews adapting to the requirement using state of the art equipment owned and operated by Avatar Studios. Avatar also provides resources on a hire per session basis such as Crew for Hire, Post production Services and a Studio space with Green screen facility.

We have hands-on experience when it comes to interviews, making us the best video production company in Bangalore offering you seamless digital content offering next level engagement among the audience.

Interviews beyond Endless

What we do

What we Do Video Interviews

Off-Camera Interviews

What we Do Video Interviews

Direct Interview

What we Do Video Interviews

Hosted Interview

What we Do Video Interviews

Cinematic Interviews

How we do

Content Creation


We come up with an objective before dealing with other aspects of a video interview. It can at times be quite difficult to be objective with regards to the on-camera performance. Even seasoned professionals face difficulty in doing so.



We make video interviews fun such that a lot of viewers are engaged. A lot of brands have had success in doing so and they have indeed made millions with outrageously offbeat and fun videos.



We create talking points & questions to get self-contained & short responses. In general, most of the interview-based videos are made using 15 seconds sound bites & statements.



Tedious & long content can be quite boring. Thus, we make short videos such that lessons can be explained clearly while avoiding any kind of redundancies. Thus, the target audience can understand it quickly while gathering all the necessary information.



We make authenticity a priority. A viewer would turn off if the video is unbelievable, shallow, or dishonest. We authentically engage your audience as well as make them confident about your brand.

Why choose Avatar for video interview production

Why choose Avatar Video Interviews


We can create some of the best interview videos and also market them effectively such that your target audience can be reached. Thus, your video would get higher views from the target group.

Why choose Avatar Video Interviews


We can create high-quality interview videos for you as per your need. We speak quality and are aware of the latest marketing trends that can bring the best interest for your customers.

Why choose Avatar Video Interviews


We have access to the latest tools & equipment that can help your video to stand out. This includes best-in-class cameras, sound effects, suitable lighting equipment, updated software versions, a dedicated studio space to name a few.

Why choose Avatar Video Interviews


We are a professional video production company in Bangalore known for producing the best interview videos. We provide you with the best return of investment while you hire us for your project.

Why choose Avatar Video Interviews


We have a team of expert strategists, script writers, editors & crew members who have years of experience in producing interview videos. We are you one-stop place for all the video production needs.

Do you have a need to communicate to a large number of scattered audiences who you want to communicate with?

Call us today to plan your video interview for an integrated approach to corporate communications.

What our clients say

Thanks for the hard work and help!

I would like to appreciate the great team of Avatar Studios. They were creative, professional, efficient, and intuitive. The video interview that they produced was amazing and I would like to thank them for the good work.


  • How can a video interview be made?

    To make an excellent video interview, you would need to define the purpose, choose the right Interviewee, do the research, prepare the questions, highlight the subject, test the sound and lastly do the editing.

  • How long should a video interview last?
  • How does a video interview end?
  • How does a Video Interview help me?
  • Can a Video interview become a strategy for my company?

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