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You don’t hire a crew here, You Hire a Team.

Avatar Studios has a network of creative professionals around the country who can deliver top of the line Film and Video services. We offer the best hire crew services for shoot in Bangalore and our local network helps us reduce costs and increase efficiency. Most importantly, it gives our clients a range of talents to work with to produce the best Film and Video for their budget.

You Hire a Team
Being Flexible

Being Flexible is our Forte

Sometimes the requirements for a video production service are simple and that there are enough creative minds within an organisation who can handle all aspects of the video creation. They might need only a little help or specialised segments or a crew for their video needs. This would greatly save costs to not engage a company for the entire production and only part of the services. Look no further.

We know you think great about us!

Avatar offers a flexible mode of video production company in Bangalore. Think of Avatar as the film and video department of your organisation. As and when the need arises, a choice of technicians are available from Avatar to be at the site for specific functions of video production.

We know you think great about us!

What We Do

Equipment Hire



Multi Cam Setup

Film and Video Equipment

Audio/Sound Equipment

Crew Hire



Sound Recordist

Boom Operator

Show Producer

Online Editors


Line Producer


Why choose Avatar for Crew Hire


Our video crew requirement is in spurts. When there is a need for the crew, we make sure it is available on short notice too.


We are equipped with assets such as videos, graphics and audio and is happy offer end to end support for every requirements,

Cost Effective

Our cost effective customisable pricing model makes both one time and retainer model easy to choose from.

Expert Assistance

We have a choice of technicians available to be at the onsite/offsite to assist specific functions of video production.

Quick Turnaround

Our digital medium offers film and video production to the hands of the clients in quick turnaround times.

Extended Support

We make extended post production support services such as colour grading and editing seamlessly possible.

What our clients say

Hiring Avatar for crew services was the best choice we have made. The crew members were pretty flexible in terms of communication, allocate themselves for every shortcomings and quick requests. They were very accommodating and friendly and the processes were smooth and seamless. It was a great experience to work with them.

Avatar has made our video shoot a journey worth memorable. We had a requirement of video shoot and editing for commercial purposes. Avatar made sure the processes were carried out with ease. The location scouting, crew management, equipment management was remarkable, the post production services were totally worth it. We were pretty satisfied with the output which graciously served the purpose.


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