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Whether it is a corporate event or an interview or a seminar that you would like us to cover, we are the right choice for you.

We have the best of the camera crew and equipment of your choice.

You may opt our post production services at attractive pricing as well.

Call us for details. We offer free consulting on your video plan.

Avatar Studios has a network of creative professionals around the country who can deliver top of the line Film and Video services. Our local network helps us reduce costs and increase efficiency. Most importantly, it gives our clients a range of talents to work with to produce the best Film and Video for their budget.

Sometimes the requirement for a video are simple or that there are enough creative minds within an organisation who can handle all aspects of the video creation. They might need only a little help or specialised segments or a crew for their video needs. This would greatly save costs to not engage a company for the entire production and only part of the services. Look no further.

Avatar offers a flexible mode of video service. Think of Avatar as the film and video department of your organisation. As and when the need arises, a choice of technicians are available from Avatar to be at the site for specific functions of video production.

One of Avatar's clients has video crew requirement in spurts. Though it is difficult to predict exactly when there is a need for the crew, it is made available on short notice too. Avatar flexibly converts the pricing to retainer model if the frequency of such visits exceeds a retainer monthly tarriff. Clients enjoy the freedom of exploring producing their own videos with our crew and equipments. Often client demand assistance in post production only. They approach Avatar with all assets such as videos, graphics and audio to be put together and edited into a video. Avatar is happy to help all kind of video customers. If a client hires Avatar for shoot only and later needs an extension to post production, that is also made possible.

Bringing back democracy that the digital medium offers to film and video production to the hands of clients is also offered in quick turnaround times.

Avatar offers video services in many avatars or forms under one umbrella Avatar Studios. Call us with your Film and Video idea for us to enable their realisation.

We offer the following services exclusively

  • Camera hire Services
  • Camera with Cameraman, lights and basic lapel audio
  • Shoot only - Video unit with Camera, Cameraman, lights, lightman and Sound with a sound recordist and boom operator
  • Sound services
  • Studio interview capture
  • Multicam setup
  • Multicam setup with online editor
  • Mulitcam setup with online editor and a show producer
  • Lightmen
  • Edit only - Video editing of client's footage
  • Colour Grading
  • Film and video equipment rental
  • Film and video line production services
  • Scriptwriting services
  • Script and shoot only
  • Shoot and edit only

Call us now for a free consultation.

We can help you arrive at your need and a cost effective solution. The solutions are flexible and extendable.

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