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Event video coverage services in Bangalore

A holistic After Film.

Avatar can record, document and archive multi-day conferences, capture panel discussions, cover product and brand launches and other events, make Video diaries, After films for partners across industries. Video content production adds substantial value to events, and can be leveraged in several ways.

Communicate with Expressive Content 

The video content finds expressions in several communications. All subsequent video communications can use the material from the Event archives for a variety of purposes and digital platforms, right from training presentations, conferences, exhibitions, or glamorous events such as sports events, music events, or theatre production.

In this age of excess content, the audience’s mindshare is a swipe thin after 5 seconds of inconsistent content. To capture the audience in the first five seconds, event diaries offer a window of the entire video like an index page of a book. The video then goes on to how the event production was done, the preparation. How people got ready and finally how the event kickstarter. How it unfolded. The reactions of people at their emotive best and finally their feedback if need be.

Why choose Avatar for video interview production

live event coverage

We focus on offering the best. We will proudly call ourselves as the best video production company in Bangalore. We capture your key moments, memorable moments and the moments worth countless smiles.

Our event videos truly stand out because we easily adapt our videography style such that the atmosphere of your event can be reflected. The coverage packages are the best value for money and throughout the production process, we try to stay as flexible as possible.

Experience the best video production services in Bangalore with numerous hours of filming experience under our belt. Thus, we can very well match all the requirements and requisites from your end with a team of excellent crew members who can run round the clock to make your event successful.

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What our clients say

We recently organised the event and engaged AVATAR studios to create a presentation record and also to create videos such that future events can be promoted. It was quite a pleasure to work alongside them. The finished videos had a very professional feel and I am really happy with the work.

Li Huang, Ong KOTRA Singapore (Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency)

    The team of AVATAR studios is quite friendly and they helped to make my event successful. The best part is that they were ready to make the changes as per our requirements. Thus, we had a great experience right from the start to the end. Their team is quite flexible & easy to work with and we are extremely happy with the results.

    Mimi Partha Sarathy Managing Director, Sinhasi Consultants Pvt. Ltd.


      There are several benefits of making event videos which include increasing brand awareness, promoting the business, strengthening the training, and improving the performance at the events.

      In event video production, we take about 21 working days to finish the project. Further, we ensure that we maintain the quality of the videos that we make.

      There is no set budget for event video production. Based on the complexity of the budget, we decide the charges for the same. You should rest assured that you will get complete value for money.