Event coverage videos

Event coverage videos

Avatar can record, document and archive multi-day conferences, capture panel discussions, cover product and brand launches and other events, make Video diaries, After films for partners across industries. Video content production adds substantial value to events, and can be leveraged in several ways.

The video content once covered find expression in several communications. All subsequent video communications can use the material from the Event archives for a variety of purposes and digital platforms.

Imagine a case study video, a corporate presentation or a Motion Graphics video that is born out of the captured footage. If you can imagine this, reach us to discuss your ideas and video needs.

Art and archival go hand in hand. The earlier expressions and depictions of mankind in the form of cave paintings and murals give us an insight into their lives. Paintings of the eighteenth century offers a window to the time, society, material and morals of that period. With photography, mankind was able to freeze historic moments and sometimes simple life itself which we are able to look at to gain a deeper understanding of what we were as a race. Something done for a very personal purpose can gain historic significance in time. With mobile phones, the power to document is in every hand that wields a smart phone with a camera.

A showroom inauguration in London can be witnessed at the same time in Bengaluru. A brand can have simultaneous launches across the world. A factory can open a new facility and live stream its celebration to a worldwide audience. Technology has metaphorically made physical distances immaterial.

Apart from the significance of archival, there is an important need to document events. To map our progress and record life events. How many times have we played them back those cherished moments and relived the celebrations? Countless for some of us. These moments of recorded history is accessible to all of us today.

A good event video offers multiple perspectives of the same event and encapsulates the spirit of the event in its post production. We are talking about After Films. After films offer a window into the height of excitement of an event and depicts its joy evocatively.

We can be assured that in this age of excess content, the audience's mindshare is a swipe thin after 5 seconds of an inconsistent content. To capture the audience in the first five seconds, event diaries offers a window of the entire video like an index page of a book. The video then goes on to how the event production was done, the preparation. How people got ready and finally how the event kickstarted. How it unfolded. The reactions of people at their emotive best and finally their feedback if need be.

Imagine an Indo Swiss exhibition on design and engineering. Exquisite master pieces are on display. A plug and play exhibition module which reflect their design ethos. A once in a decade event marking a confluence benefitting the design community from two different nations. Products like the swiss army knife with its history, the Helvetica font, a display of their watches and textile. An event diary or an after film can do so much to retain the material for reference especially for students of design for decades to come. A video team that captures not only the event but also the way it was set up and inauguration, products, feedback from visitors. A holistic after film.

Do you have a similar or is it different? What kind of documentation or live event coverage does it need? Call us now to find out the most cost effective and efficient way to achieve this

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