Educational Video Production / E-learning video production

Avatar produces longer instructional videos to assist teaching, training films, lecture recordings and interviews.

Training videos have proven to be a cost and time effective means of staff & employee training when specific instructions need to be relayed to a several employees at once. Orientation for new hires and recent recruits is easy and effortless with films for induction. Training video clips enable content access from anywhere and at any time without a loss of quality or missing out on crucial communication. Combined with testing, the training videos and training films guarantee quality training.

Avatar produces engaging training and e-learning videos, designed to upgrade and maximise the potential of your team. Whether it is introduction of new systems or sensitisation to concepts, Avatar can custom design Audio Visual communication within budget.

E learning module competency of Avatar covers the entire process of producing a video from planning, scripting and storyboarding, shooting, live sound recording and post production. Post production includes editing, animation, music, and publishing for online web video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Coursera, Udemy and offline DVDs.

Avatar collaborates with external professionals and companies of Instructional design and online learning programme development.

AVATAR lends for hire, videographers, editors and motion graphics artists to fit within your current team or to work from your offices.

Avatar has a sound proof infinity screen studio space for hire in Bangalore for those to produce learning materials of the highest standard.

Avatar team can discuss ideas and projects for free and create a roadmap to achieve your communication objectives

Will E learning work for my company?

Come 2020, lives of all the 7 billion human beings on the surface of the planet changed forever with the epidemic that turned to a pandemic. This forever changed the idea of learning. From kinder gardens, schools and colleges to SMEs and MNCs, everyone is struggling to transfer knowledge. Knowledge transferred is money saved. Elearning offers continuous learning, learning available on demand, Knowledge Transfer in scale, Training virtually from the best educators and offering the content with the best illustrations and practise exercises. The interactive nature of e learning offers open learning where it can accommodate different kind of learners who can choose their pace and depth of learning offering the best learning experience.

E learning entails personalising the experience of a generic learning material for maximum impact. Initially after the learners name is taken in as input, it appears in the interactive modules automatically simulating a personal training environment. The trainee can undergo learning at their pace. Be it training in different modalities of machines, or a new technology, or an online learning pedagogy in platforms such as udemy, coursera, lynda.com, Masterclass or Byju, e learning video is at its core.

Three important parts of an e learning curriculum production are

  1. Course content curation
  2. Design of the instruction vis a vis Instructional Design with the course objective
  3. Production of assets
  4. Integration and testing
  5. Release

Depending upon the target group, the optimum amount of instruction or content or concept are chosen. It is then designed for best learning where the pace can be decided by the learner to facilitate slow learners. Sometimes the content needs gamification to incentivise learning for quick learners and those with shorter attention spans.

Assets such as videos, graphics, interactive Q & As and certifications upon the successful completion of course have to be produced. Some of them are achieved by algorithms. Most of the content in the Audio Visual form needs production.

Our studio has world class infinite wall or a green screen chroma studio to capture the best of the instructors with multiple HD and 4k cameras and hifi audio for crystal clear capture to produce the neccessary assets. The team of in-house talented 2D and 3D animators create spell binding animation clips and experience for the learner.

Our development team bundle and integrate the assets, contents in the form or lessons and chapters following the blueprint from e learning design as per the technical specification of the client depending on whether the screen is an amphitheatre, or a laptop screen, led screen, lcd screen or a mobile device. The responsive design can help offer the best layout for the learning.

Upon building and testing the software, bugs can be fixed and released for beta testing the learning modules. Then it can be cleared for Quality and delivered to the client to fulfill their e learning or training needs.

The process is closed loop. Feedback from the client can be incorporated and the learning modules can be improved by using a continuous improvement and continuous development process to retainer customers.

Companies who adapt elearning modules have saved millions in training expenditure and the efficiency and availability of training reduces human errors with long term positive impact.

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