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innovative e-learning

Upgrade to innovative e-learning

Learning these days is no longer just confined to the classroom. The matter of fact is that people these days need flexibility & freedom to learn anywhere & anytime at their own pace.This is perhaps very good news for organizations who tend to save a lot of money & efficiency from delivering educational content through E-learning video.

We have the right e-learning solution

Avatar being the best video production company in Bangalore produces engaging training and e-learning videos, designed to upgrade and maximise the potential of your team. Whether it is introduction of new systems or sensitisation to concepts, Avatar can custom design Audio Visual communication within budget.

right e-learning solution
Experience our Core Competency

Experience our Core Competency

E learning module competency of Avatar covers the best video production services in Bangalore beginning from the process of producing a video such as planning, scripting and storyboarding, shooting, live sound recording and post production. Post production includes editing, animation, music, and publishing for online web video platforms such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Coursera, Udemy and offline DVDs.

Why Choose Avatar for E-Learning

Why CHoose E-learning

Quick Turnaround

Avatar has fully productive, functional , and efficiently engaged members in the team who can stick to demanding deadlines to achieve communication objectives

Why CHoose E-learning

Expert Assistance

Avatar offers videographers, editors and motion graphics artists to fit within your current team or to work far beyond convenience, cost, and efficiency.

Why CHoose E-learning

In-House Amenities

Avatar has a sound proof infinity screen studio space for hire in Bangalore to support in house production needs for learning materials of the highest standard.

Why CHoose E-learning

Flexible Outsourcing

Avatar flexibly collaborates with external professionals and companies of Instructional design and online learning programme development.

How we do

Content Creation

Content Creation

To start, we understand the topic in detail, organize it and further divide it into different sections.The content is divided according to the tool that we use such as creating tutorials, writing lessons, or using practical & screenshot resources.


Defining Goals

Before developing an E-learning video course, we try to learn the things that we want to achieve. Further, we come up with an objective in a very precise, concise, and clear way to achieve the desired outcome.



We structure the script such that content can be created in a well-organized manner. In this way, the E-commerce video course looks a lot more well-balanced, and thus errors are avoided in the editing or post-production process.



Tedious & long content can be quite boring. Thus, we make short videos such that lessons can be explained clearly while avoiding any kind of redundancies. Thus, the target audience can understand it quickly while gathering all the necessary information.



We are equipped with professional quality softwares, equipment, amenities and an amazing dedicated studio space to offer complete assistance to your video production. In this way, your professional image is improved ensuring the desired outcome.



We involve you at every stage of the video production process to ensure that things run smoothly and are seamlessly made as per your requirements. We make sure the output is ready to go live on time with an outstanding quality in output.


  • Why should E-learning videos be created?

    The ultimate goal of E-learning video production is to make the learning process easy, fun, and enjoyable while keeping the learners engaged.

  • What are the benefits of E-learning videos?
  • What are the things needed to make a good E-learning video?
  • Do e-learning videos work for my business?

What our clients say

AVATAR Studios helped us out in making personalized learning courses for our organization. They have been quite responsive and helpful during the entire process. Other than this, they also offered us recommendations needed for improvement.

AVATAR Studios developed various online programs for our company. Right from the start of the project, they were organized, professional and responsive. The most important thing is that they delivered as per our needs.

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