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We produce best in class documentaries videos in Bangalore that helps to increase awareness among your target audience. We communicate your story in perhaps the most engaging & effective way by the help of video.

To make a remarkable documentary, you need proper vision. Further, it can be executed through proper efforts, research and time.All these can effectively be compassed with the help of our professional team. Our team comprises experienced directors, scriptwriters, post-production technicians & editors who can come up with the best result.

Also, at Avatar Studios, we are quite prompt towards our communication during the entire project and thus you can bound to get the best value for your investment.

Documentary film is often used by Government departments, Private organizations, NGOs and even broadcasters such that messages can be effectively conveyed to a large target audience. AVATAR Studios is a professional company that provides complete solutions for your documentary film project right from initial to final stage with just a minimum involvement from your side. Most of the documentaries made by us inspire & drive the customers.

We have a track record of providing our customers with inspiring & flawless works at a very cost effective price. Additionally, we have years of experience in this industry and thus you can trust us for our services.

Documentary Avatar Studios

Why choose AVATAR Studios for Documentary Video production?

Why Documentary Avatar

We have been involved in numerous documentaries production since the time we have started our operation. We also provide filming expertise, pre-production consultation, shooting equipment and perhaps post production services to different kinds of factual projects.

Our team members have in-depth knowledge when it comes to making innovative & creative documentary films. Hence, you can expect optimal performance from us all the time. Besides this, we are one of the leading documentary production services provider in Bangalore.

Moreover, we have received awards for creating compelling & interesting documentaries for advertising & marketing needs. Thus, we are the right choice for your documentary production needs.

Our aim is to create innovative, educational and creative documentary films that showcase the true purpose & essence of our clients, customers & companies. Also, We provide intensive training to our employees such that proper results are delivered to our customers.

Why Documentary Avatar

How We Do

Finding the subject

We find the subject that excites our customers. In this way, the complete process becomes quite easy. Further, intensive research for the same is being done.

Making a plan

For this, we create an outline about how the story is going to be presented. Other than this, the primary characters are finalized and further elements are selected such that the story can be made compelling.


Based on the way in which documentary would be viewed, the shooting process gets started. Also, shooting takes place on a variety of angles which includes medium shots, close-ups and wide shots.


Once the shooting process is finished, then the next step involved is editing. We have hands-on experience when it comes to video editing and thus we use different kinds of software for the same.


Once the documentary has been made, then the next step involved in it is distribution. We use different mediums such that your documentary video is seen by your target audience.

Event branding

It is a great way through which emotional bond is created with your audience. Additionally, we provide them with different perspectives regarding your product/services which leads to increase in sales.

What our clients say

I needed a documentary video for my NGO and I personally wanted to reach out to a large target audience. Thus, we approached AVATAR studios for the same after getting recommendation about them from one of my friends. They handled the project in a very professional way and I am quite happy with the end result that I got.

We have had good experience working with AVATAR studios for Our documentary video. They are backed with a very good team that helps out in delivering best in class results. We had a great time working alongside AVATAR studios. I will definitely recommend them to my friends & family.


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