Documentaries are our Key strength.

Short docs are the form of choice to communicate about an organisation, company, service or an individual effectively in a short time.

Apart from documentation and archival, a powerful three minute human interest film can move and inspire; Be it to communicate the impact of CSR programs or to capture BTSBehind the scenes, (BTS documentaries provide lived insight into the process of work, events, Challenges and celebrations), Avatar has done it all.

Why do docus work?

The segment of the audience who are decision makers may have developed a blind spot to content that is marketing in nature. The marketing content usually suffers from a jaded and biased perspective, too eager to sell. Decision makers are looking for data that is neutral in nature. This involves presenting work done or its impact presented in a dignified, subtle and nuanced way. It needs validation from the stake holder and empirical evidences of impact.

All of this is achieved with the documentary form. The event is presented in a chosen perspective, usually of the character. The character in the documentary are neutral because they could be random like in the case of vox populi, they can be beneficiaries of certain NGOs or someone on the ground who can testify the work done. The work done for impact is seen in a visual form. If there are communication gaps, that can be filled with the voice of God, which is the Voice Over of the narrator who can make the content cohesive, comprehensible and in a context.

The perspective attained from this documentary can then help the decision maker to undergo the desired change of stance from action pending for lack of data to action driven substantiated by data. Increasingly Documentaries are being accepted as primary data for research. The responsibility of the documentary filmmaker then is to present without bias and offer perspectives that are true to the best of their knowledge constructing the premise of the film's message with multiple perspectives. A filmmaker who can understand the gravity of the impact of their work on key decision making that can affect lives of people.

Documentaries therefore help decision makers take action without delay from want of information.

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