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Animated explainer video production

An animated explainer video can provide your business with unimagined success as well as attract new customers for your business. Just a 60-second animated marketing video can attract your customers interested as well as showcase your product/service to the target audience

We at AVATAR studios provide unparalleled explainer video services worldwide at a very cost-effective price. We are backed by talented & hardworking people who come up with best-in-class explainer videos for businesses of any size.

Animated Explainer

What We Do


Increased conversion rates

Video these days appears in 70 percent of the top 100 search listings. Thus, viewers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video. So, it is a strategy that you shouldn’t miss.

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Better SEO rankings

By various research reports, it is known that explainer videos are more likely to rank on the top of the search results as compared to traditional web pages.

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Enhance the brand

With an animated explainer video, an emotional connection can be made with the audience. So, once the trust has been built, then it is easier to sell your products or services.


Grab the audience attention

It helps to convey the story of a business in an easy way for people to remember and relate to different concepts. Thus, you can entice the customers and get their attention through informative content.


It is easier to make the changes

If in case, you want to make any changes, then you can very well do that in animated explainer videos. This is not the case with live-action videos as making changes can be difficult & costly.

Why choose us for making animated explainer videos?


We have over 6+ years of experience in this industry. Also, our animations are designed smartly such that each brand can be served in a result-oriented & customized way.


Our team of experienced members works tirelessly such that the originality of your brand is reflected in the explainer video. Thus, we try to create a friendly culture that tends to promote creativity.


We use innovative technology such that engaging & attractive animated explainer videos can be created. Moreover, our animators are experts as they have created thousands of videos for our clients.


Our payment, production, and design process are quite transparent & simple. Also, our team is quite enthusiastic and thus they can guide you with any queries that you might be having.


Our success is measured at the level at which our clients are satisfied. Hence, working with our clients is much more than just designing animated videos for them.

What our clients say

AVATAR Studios delivered animated explainer videos about our company in a very short period. They understood all my requirements and delivered the project accordingly. This eventually helped to increase the sales of my business. Kudos for the good work!

AVATAR Studios were quite outstanding during the complete approach. Further, they completely understood our needs & specifications. The best part is that they created videos at a very cost-effective price while maintaining the quality.


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