Animated Explainer Videos

Animated Explainer Videos

Whiteboard animations, limbo videos, Infographics, Motion Graphics, kickstarter and Concept videos are effective ways to communicate your business's product, concept or services that can overcome communication barriers.

Complex business models, social design, ecosystems and technology can be easily communicated using visuals and metaphors to investors and users in a quick span of time before their attention span ends.

Engaging explainer videos provide the necessary dopamine to the receivers brain in understanding your proposal's model for complete comprehension that can result in a positive responses to the call for action in the video.

Take advantage of Avatar's skill and experience to make this possible at rational costs.

How do I sell a concept? How do I communicate a complex system? Can a scenario be presented to explain the working mechanism of a product? Will an animated explainer video tell exactly how something works?

Most presentations aspire to keep it short and simple. How does then one go on to explain a complex concept to showcase how this exactly works in simple works. One generally resorts to categorisation to simplify things. Slotting the complex systems into solid blocks into a block diagram can offer top level perspectives just enough to explain the concept to the target audience.

Say, I am a start up and have a prototype for an NFC device. I need a video to explain the concept with or without the protoype and showcase real life applications of the device in use. Instead of traditional funding methods, I choose to upload a kickstarter video for the same. Will this work?

Yes it will. Most good products and ideas fail to communicate its genius and suffer from bad PR. But we do not live in that world anymore. Social media has opened up the world with all its curses and boons. The chances of finding interested people are greater when a well made animated explainer video explains a novel idea or a concept.

There are several kinds of animated explainer videos.

1. White board animation

Here a sketch on a white board like in a class room explains the principles with illustrations

2. Vector motion graphics

Infographics or vector images of icons are employed to present a complex idea into simple metaphors

3. Character animation

A scenario is explained by characters enacting it. The complexity of animation is proportional to the resource it consumes. Thankfully there are quick and neat way of achieving this.

4. Video packaged animations

This is a mixed media approach where elements of live action are integrated into an animation video. This also includes humans in a limbo space with text and images

5. Motion typrography

This is a text based presentation of the concept where the words and letters can form the shapes of its meaning with eye catching transitions

6. 3d animations

The characters and the world they are in can be in 3d to communicate for maximum visual impact

7. Motion design

Motion Graphics are the sought after methods used by brands like apple where the product is kept at the centre and the stories around the product are told in them. This is in tandem with their visual identity.

A wearable device, smart ring for instance can be shown by the user's life from day to night. The user can wake up to the alarm that is switched off by the device. Control Coffee machines to start his day. Shown as a style element in his dressing up. Taken to workplace to use it for presentations. Adventure device to showcase heart rate and health stats. Fix a date with his beloved and driving home to open a garage door and finally unwind with home entertainment. A high functioning device for a high functioning life. The scenarios can be presented without resorting to shooting.

Image the 3d ring at the centre of the frame and its scenarios come and go. The viewer stays with the centre piece. That is the ring.

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