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Avatar creates video content to help clients reach their audience.

Avatar doubles up as a creative agency as well as production house to arrive at the best way to reach your Target Demographics.

Speak directly to your customers through a Film that speaks with them. A film to influence their decision making through rational and emotional communication. Targeted Advertisements can create demand, generate leads and build brand awareness. Ad films can be affordable yet effective.

Avatar extends its Filmmaking services to create beautiful and compelling television commercials and Digital Films directly to brands as well as media agencies.

Avatar's crew deep dives into conceptualizing, scripting, recce, production management, hiring models, editing live and mix with animation to come out with gems backed by a robust process

Not convinced? Please get in touch with us for a free consulting session with our communicatin experts who can show your a roadmap for your creative ideas to highlighting events, creating product videos, creating branded content or anything that you have conjured up.

While we are based in Bangalore, our video production services have no boundaries. No matter where you are located, let us help you determine the best way to harness the power of ad films.

Why do our advertisements work?

Advertisement messages effectively the purpose of a product and the need for them. They take advantages of semantics and semiotics of a language and a context. Most of the communication in an advertisement targets the emotional and irrational subconscious part of the human brain. Language is comprehended by the brain by the use of associations.

Does Vanilla remind you of white?

It is by association that Vanilla has come to become synonymous with a particular milk or oil based dessert served frozen, the Vanilla icecream.

Is Vanilla really white?

In nature, Vanilla pods are black. Their seeds are black. The artificial Vanilla essence is transparent. The plainness of what is sometimes considered basic or boring flavour of the icecream has an associated colour of white because of the popular product it is used in.

Repeated messaging as pointed by Noam Chomsky can blur the lines between myth and history, fiction and faction. Marketing has taken advantage of the power of messaging in language and visual communication. Some of the biggest brands on the planet are known for their messaging more than their actual product. People do not buy products. They buy stories.

Diamonds are not as precious or rare as it is made to believe. It has been positioned as a friend forever as a symbol of commitment in relationships and offering exclusivity to the adorner. All thanks to the marketing as brilliant as their products. A shining example of a campaign that makes the cut.

One of the frequent interview questions in marketing is asking them to sell a pen. A mundane object with limited purpose of marking on paper that can be romanticised to a small degree. How do you sell a pen? Why does a Mont Blanc cost some of our monthly salaries? Simple. You don't sell a pen. You sell a need. You sell a story of a need and associated symbols because Marshal McLuhan proposes that “Medium is the message”

An embellished pen that captures the luxurious marbles of Tuscany and flows like the nile is an ornament on the coat of honour of a modern day emperor, a diplomat perhaps or a tycoon, Godlike attended to by humans, angel like descending from the skies on their private jet and entering their noble chariot, a Bentley or a Rolls Royce drive across the countryside with views of castles by the seas hosting merchant ships enter palatial gates of Royalty and received in esteemed company to sign a pact or a deed or a simple letter of friendship needs a pen worthy of Gods. Mont Blanc, worthy of Gods for a minor price to pay.

The stories to be sold are not in texts. It is the narrative of the self of the audience tapping their aspiration and need that can be fulfilled only with the product. Harley Davidson and Royal enfield selling adventure and freedom. Luxury cars and Deodorants selling desirability. Real estates selling nostalgia and childhood. What is your story to sell? Call us to find out.

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