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Avatar Video Production documentaries


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Avatar Video Production corporate videos

Corporate Videos

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Avatar Video Production Ad-Films

Ad-Films/Digital Films

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Avatar Video Production Animated Explainer videos

Animated Explainer Videos

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Avatar Video Production E-Learning


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Avatar Video Production interviews

Video Interviews

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Avatar Video Production green screen

Green Screen Videos

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Avatar Video Production event coverage

Event Coverage Videos

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Music Videos

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Social Media Videos

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Avatar Video Production

Live Event Streaming

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Video Editing

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Whether it is your brand's digital video or a training video to replace resource-intensive manual training and knowledge transfer, Avatar presents the best plan with top-notch infrastructure to achieve the goal. Started the journey in 2018, Avatar has become the best video production company in Pune with the support of its multidisciplinary team of directors, writers, producers, cinematographers, editors, producers, animators, composers and designers.

Selected Projects

“Come, have a look at few exceptional Avatar Studio Creations. We will be glad to work for you”

Got a plan or idea for your film? Talk with us right now.

Reach out to Avatar for time, effort and off course money saving experience for your films and video ideas. We provide the best video production services in Pune and nationwide.

Join us! We look forward to collaborate with creative minds and the best brands. Drop your portfolios, CV and showreels at aditya@avatarstudios.in we'll reply ASAP.


With the well-equipped in-built studio, in house equipment and post-production facilities with a dedicated team Avatar Studios is absolutely able and available to shoot in Pune, Nationwide and abroad.

Superior sound is obtained using Full HD and 4K cameras and crystal-clear audio recorded with Lavalier and shotgun mics into field recorders. Jibs, gimbals, and drones give edgy films and videos a visual edge.


The multilingual team of Avatar can mediate with locals and offer translations and subtitles in all major languages.

Our award-winning creative team can create captivating tales to create interesting and instructive films that will be relevant for years to come.

Our Skills

Avatar Studios have a great team of experts in Concept and Story Telling, Videography, Photography, Sound and Light Engineering, Visual and After-Effects, Video Editing, Video Post-Production and Creative Direction.

We have created Corporate Films, Ad-Films / Commercials, Explainer Videos, Event Coverage, Documentaries, Music Videos, Social Media Content, and more. We will be glad to work with you!

Concept and Strategy




Post Production


Avatar also provides specific stages of the process as services. Hire a Crew/Service by

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What We Do

We provide color grading services for commercials, corporate videos, documentaries, youtube marketing and more.

We promote your products and services to your target audience by publishing material, pictures, videos, and infographics to the web.

  • Color Grading and Color Correction - We stylize the video outputs with Color Correction and color grading to give it an extra edge.
  • Finishing and Editing - We pay close attention to the smallest details and strive for excellence in order to offer high-quality work.
  • Conforming - We ensure to use techniques that guarantees all the edits and creative decision match the frame accurately and to perfection.
  • Post-Production - We have extensive experience and expertise in editing raw video, transition effects, voice and sound, and dubbing.
  • DCP (Digital Cinema Package) Creation - We offer DCPs to screen your production in high-definition anywhere.
  • Advanced Noise and Grain Reduction - We offer advanced tools and an in-house studio for noise and grain reduction.
  • Subtitling - Our language experts are well able to create subtitles in all Indian languages.

We're a 360-degree video production company in Pune specializing in on-time delivery with Conceptualization, Video Production, and Post-Production.

Company Avatar Media Solution
Contact No +91-9343087471
Service Video Production
Location Pune

How We Do

Our secret ingredient for successful communication.

Avatar's creative approach totally immerse themselves in knowing the situation, brainstorm for relevance, and create perfection. Long-term working relationships with stakeholders have been formed as a result of the approach.

For a guaranteed result, our approach follows the simplified method shown below:


Conception and visualization

of initial ideas into a documentary Script after identifying characters and storylines.

photography video

Identifying the characters

and storylines and turn them into documentary scripts post conceptualization and visualization brainstorming sessions.

video services


for shooting, planning and directing the video.


Documentations and productions

done with multi-cam HD set up

photography video

Designing animation and computer graphics

according to the requirements

video services

Editing, Sound, and Color Correction

Or Color Grading are all included in our post-production services.

video services


ready-to-broadcast documentaries.



via YouTube, cable TV, local/regional stations, and other platforms.

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