Top 10 Reasons to Hire a Rental Photography Studio

StudioPhotography clients are getting more sophisticated with their demands every day. The standards of professional photoshoots have never been higher. Whether you’re taking pictures of products or models – shooting in a high-quality studio is vital. In-studio shoots always appear better because photographers gain the ability to control their environments.

Thankfully, studio photography is no longer an “inaccessible” art reserved only for photographers who have large production budgets. Renting a studio won’t cost a fortune, and it’s the best way to hone the art of studio photography. At Avatar Studios, we offer cost-effective studio rentals in Bangalore to all types of photography teams.

PhotographyWe are a hybrid creative marketing agency with experience in app development, web design, branding, and various other services. However, the high-quality photography studio near me continues to be at the core of our operations. Our photography studio is managed by an expert team of video, audio, and photography production specialists

From full air conditioning to in-house photography gear to soundproofed shooting floors – our elegant studio has it all. Every year, Avatar Studios provides customized in-house studio spaces to hundreds of commercial, corporate and promotional photo and videographers. Avatar Studios is open to anyone who wants to hire a studio for rent at reasonable prices.

Still not convinced all your photography solutions are inside our customized studio spaces? Here are the top 10 reasons to get a studio rental in Bangalore

1. Cost-Efficiency

Renting a photography studio means that the photographer dictates his/her own schedules. The same applies to the rental costs. At Avatar Studios, we don’t have to outsource service providers or pay someone for equipment hire. Clients clearly understand what equipment, on-floor support, etc., they receive from us.

This transparency allows us and our customers to be flexible and cost-efficient while booking rental slots. When you hire a studio for rent with us, going over budget on projects is out of the question. Our team will always find solutions to keep costs within scope. Be it by providing top-quality gear at cost-effective rates or expert assistance during the shoots.

2. Create Professional-Looking Photographs

At Avatar Studios, photographers get tranquility. In this comfortable and controllable studio ambiance, it’s much easier to make photos look classic and professional. Change colors, textures, lighting, etc., as you prefer. Your subjects will always be at ease during the shoots.

3. Privacy

As long as our clients communicate with us about booking requirements on time, our studios are available anytime they want. The photography studio near me is well-equipped with generators, high-speed wi-fi, power backups, and soundproof paddings.

We have a strict zero-leakage of pictures/footage from our studios. Overall, our clients get private, convenient, and trustworthy studio experiences that ultimately enhance their quality of work.

4. Access to a Variety of Lighting Equipment

Lighting is critical for creating high-quality photoshoots. The positioning of the light sources directly impacts the quality of the portraits. In our photography studio, photographers get to use a variety of customizable artificial light sources. Photographers can emphasize features of the subjects in their photos by using lighting equipment like

  • Modifiers: Control the direction of light before it hits your subject with our premium-quality light modifiers. Produce shadows to add contrast to your images and capture subtle details like skin textures in your photos.
  • Umbrellas: Want to diffuse or modify bright lights for specific shots? Along with our light modifiers, you can use our white and gold umbrellas. We provide premium-quality translucent photography umbrellas. Shoot through these umbrellas to add the right amounts of soft white light to your images.
  • Soft-Boxes: Highlight your subjects without highlighting the backdrop with our customized soft-boxes. We offer soft-boxes of multiple shapes, each with different diffusion covers.

Capturing a subject’s USP is much easier when you use tools that provide precise focus for soft light. High-quality work is guaranteed when you use our advanced lighting equipment.

5. Create Specific Looks

In our studio rental in Bangalore, photographers get to create the exact effects/looks that they want in their shoots. From using high-quality photography backdrops to using light modifiers to customize the reflection of lights – clients get total control. Our studio has a glamorous ambiance that enables photographers to get the right textures and color temperatures in their photographs.

6. Soundproof

Avatar Studios helps numerous video production teams every year. That’s why our studios are designed to keep away unwanted sound disturbances. Photographers get benefit from this feature as nothing disturbs their shoots while they’re inside our studios.

7. Post Production Assistance

After your shoots, complete all post-production activities inside our studio itself. We use advanced photo-editing tools to ensure our clients enjoy glitch-free post-production processes. Our prior expertise in editing raw video footage enables us to make the best creative decisions with our clients’ photos.

8. Experiment with Colors

Photographers can easily vary the dimensions of their frames (width, height, etc.) inside our modifiable studios. These customizations enable them to experiment with different lighting and color combinations.

9. Easy Scheduling and Constant Access

We offer customer-friendly scheduling. Once you hire a studio for rent with us, we prepare all pre-production assets well in advance. Our team has total control over the scheduling terms of our studio. We always ensure that our clients receive the right timeslots and meet their deadlines.

10. Full COVID-19 Safety

In the current environment, renting an external studio space without guaranteeing full COVID-19 safety for your team is risky. Avatar Studios offers full COVID-19 safety. We always follow the safety protocols be it in quick-turn projects or long-term shoots. We’re always open to last-minute changes/additions to shoots as long as our clients maintain COVID-19 safety protocols.

We frequently rent our studio spaces to companies and individual photography teams. Our Director of Photography can easily transform the studio space into whatever our clients want. At Avatar Studios, we understand exactly what goes into live-action photoshoots. We’re experienced enough to take on your photography project from start to finish.