The Importance of UI/UX Design

In today’s user-centric world, companies that don’t attempt to improve their connections with their audiences, struggle. That’s why creating quality user experiences on your company’s website, app, or web app is critical.

Drawing UIIn the post-pandemic world, the emphasis is on simplification. If you want new users to accomplish specific tasks on your digital platform, you have to offer simplicity. Or else, they will switch to a competitor’s website.

At Avatar Studios, User Experience (UX) Design is an integral part of our organization. As a leading web designing company in Bangalore, we make several technical products (apps, websites, etc.) every year.

We adhere to the latest User Experience or User Interface (UX/UI) design processes in every creation. The pursuit of advancing our UX/UI design processes enables us to create result-driven technical products that consistently engage target audiences.

why we proritiseWhy We Prioritize UX Design and Why You Should Too

Consumers ignore the designs that ignore their needs. So, what is “good UX Design?” According to the International Standardization Organization, a good UX design is one that exceeds the target consumer’s brand perceptions.

Consumers anticipate certain qualities from the products, tools, or services they use. A good UX design will exceed these expectations and create positive brand impressions. In our UX design company in Bangalore, we follow the same principle – put the user first.

All the websites, apps, or software we create are designed based on

  • Knowing our client’s target audiences
  • Identifying their key goals/objectives from the products, tools, or services they’re using.
  • Resolving the challenges, they face while using our client’s products, tools, or services
  • Identifying what motivates them to spend time on our clients’ platforms and modifying the UX designs/architectures to improve their experiences.

Why is UX/UI design so important? As a leading creative agency in Bangalore, we help many companies with their tech and marketing products. In our experience, a strategic UX strategy always increases our clients’ ROI.

We make many small improvements to our client’s digital platforms that add up in the long run to create major impacts. To name a few, here’s what our UX design company in Bangalore guarantees to our design and development clients

  • Improved customer retention
  • More customer recommendations
  • Growth in the number of repeat customers
  • Improved conversion rates on check-out pages
  • All of these perks combine to give our clients enhanced credibility in the market.

Cost-Effective Upgrades with High-Quality UX/UI Design

Think investing in UX will increase development costs and ultimately increase your business expenses going forward? Think again. The UX design tools that our creative agency in Bangalore offers, in fact, optimize development times and costs.

The cost of apps/websites full of bugs, crashes, and outdated designs can cause significant damage to your brand. With good UI/UX design, you avoid those costs of losing customers. On top of that, you receive the following cost-based perks.

Increased Conversion Rates

According to a Forrester Research study, high-quality UX design increases conversion rates on apps/websites by 400%. On the other hand, websites/apps that appear disjointed and are hard to navigate have extremely high bounce rates.

With our help, your company can integrate optimized UI/UX designs that slash your platforms’ bounce rates and increase conversion chances.

Acquire New Customers

The post-pandemic era is the perfect time for brands to leverage their digital platforms and technical products. How can your platform attract new digital consumers? Usability will play a key role.

A simplified and easily usable app/website will increase your target customer’s willingness to stay and (hopefully) pay. More importantly, the chances of your target customers switching to your competitor’s brands are reduced a lot.

Guaranteed ROI and Cost-Cuts

On a global scale, every dollar invested in high-quality UX design translates to $100. At Avatar Studios, we aim to improve on these returns by creating a highly cost-effective UI/UX design strategy. Our strategy revolves around lowering our clients’ business expenses.

In the long run, our web designing company in Bangalore aims to

  • Lower the average cost of customer acquisition
  • Lower day-to-day support/maintenance costs
  • Improve SEO rankings by creating “Google-friendly” websites.

Create Google-Friendly User Experiences

Don’t forget – over 75% of all web traffic still runs through Google. Google ranks the apps/websites users want to see. If your digital platforms aren’t content-heavy yet easy to use, your company will struggle to retain customer attention.

With Avatar Studios, you receive consistent cross-functional support from our team of front-end developers, UX designers, copywriters, and back-end engineers. Together they combine to create digital platforms and tools that are –

  • Designed to deliver increasingly satisfying user experiences via relatable content, user-friendly interfaces, and high-quality visual design.
  • Simplified navigation structures that are SEO-friendly, never disrupt user experiences and offer SEO-friendly navigation.
  • SEO-friendly layouts that nurture organic traffic – from perfectly sized logos/headers to the right amounts of content.
  • Super-fast page-loading speeds, with each webpage having SEO-optimized headers, images, and visual effects.

Final Take

A great UX design that satisfies your target audience’s needs is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Avatar Studios helps many companies build communities of loyal consumers and increase user engagement rates through effective UX design.

Our UX design company in Bangalore is adaptable to any type of design challenge. Team up with us to make your digital platform’s UX a key differentiator in your brand appeal!