The early days of Seonics began as an ancillary for electromagnetic components. With continual commitment in consumer focused excellence, it became a proud and reliable partner for the Indian Defence Organisations.

The advantage of emerging opportunities, Seonics is now an organisation into varied verticals such as Precision Manufacturing, NABL Accredited Laboratory & CEMILAC Approved Products, Fire Detection and Suppression Systems, Ozonators, Aviation Headsets, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, Fibre Optic Sensors & Cable Harness.

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"A progressive track record of innovation and commitment to best business practices since the 1970s, Seonics wanted to accept the century with a clear brand positioning, defined values and a refreshed visual solution.

Rebranding a legacy that has been a significant part of this journey which was a huge responsibility. Avatar was tasked with realigning the brand for new age progressive aspirations while keeping the heritage & dignity in place. "

Portfolio Branding Client Image
Portfolio Branding Client Image
Portfolio Branding Client Image


"The treatment of the new logo and the Subsidiary icons were designed with the same visual grammar created for the brand. This was done to convey innovation and expertise and reliability of the brand making it easier to adapt with sub-brands and other business verticals.

The new brand consists only of the name ‘Seonics’, doing away with the entire company name “Southern Electronics Pvt. Ltd.” in the previous visual identity. The new typeface for the logo was made in uppercase, with an amalgamation of smooth and curved edges."


"The new logo, colour palette and the brand personality gave them the adaptability and flexibility to explore newer areas and ventures in the future. The variation of colours to represent distinct verticals of the business offered a vibrant colour palette for designing the visual language.

The new identity was found aligned to the Seonics legacy and its progressive future. The Seonics team is in the process of implementing the newly designed language throughout their portfolio and intends to complete it in the near future  "

Portfolio Branding Client Image