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Let’s take a guess… You are looking for a strategy to improve the digital visibility of your business, you want increased traffic, higher revenue and staying on top in the books of Google is your resolution in this digital era. Well, you have landed on the right place - the best SEO company in Bangalore.

SEO has a major impact in everything from traffic to sales. Avatar Studios proffer bespoke (Search Engine Optimization) SEO services in Bangalore to gain more traction to your business. Our in-house experts craft tailored campaigns to generate more traffic by analyzing your digital assets and competitor platform whilst being budget centric.

Avatar Studios drive positive result driven campaigns to bring in targeted traffic optimized with high local/international conversion rates to your business. Our SEO services offer your business, generate more traffic, rank on the top page, and convert potential customers to loyal ones. We use white hat SEO techniques like keyword research, analyze competitors, build links, and upgrade original content regularly to boost ranking and traffic tailored to your service and budget requirements.

Avatar weaves fresh off-page and on-page SEO strategies for an increased return on investment (ROI) with more traffic, top ranking in SERPs, increased visibility, and obviously, business growth facilitating your company’s online presence from our SEO experts. Boost your website to gain more traffic, generate more conversions, and compete through organic on-page & off-page SEO techniques using the best Organic Link Building Services.


What we offer
Local SEO

We spawn businesses locally to magnify your organic visibility.

Technical SEO

We resolve on-site SEO issues that impede your growth

Wordpress SEO

We optimize WordPress, the SEO friendly CMS but better!

E-Commerce SEO

We boost organic sales, keeping your ad spend in place.

Youtube SEO

We link YouTube channels to your CTA and conversion rates.

Global SEO

We enhance your global presence by optimizing international targets.

Mobile SEO

We emphasize your mobile UX to hike organic mobile traffic.

Page SEO

We lead individual page optimization for your site to increase visibility.

SEO Analytics

We create bespoke strategies ensuring result-driven SEO campaigns.

SEO Audit

We perform extensive Audit and recommend revised suggestions.

Why Choose Avatar for SEO Services?

Is your company’s page ranking on the first page in search engine results or barely visible?

Choose us to move ahead!

Increased Traffic

Gain Visibility

Stand Out

Generate Sales

Build Revenue

Convert Targets

Enhance Presence

More Customers

why choose avatar seo service

What We Do

Phase 1

1. Client Study

We will analyse the client’s profile to get a thorough understanding in terms of products or services, demography, existing strategies, vision, brand guidelines etc. We will also review the issues surrounding the website and the business’s key marketing objectives for the year.

2. Competitor Research

We will take a look into competitors' websites and analyse ranking positions and evaluate the performance using the same keywords in the search engines. Avatar will have a thorough competitor research specific to industry, identifying the key players of the target search landscape, and plan out strategies to get there.

3. Target Analysis

We research the target groups from the results of client study and competitor research who are utilizing online platforms to search products/services similar to the client’s nature of business.

4. Website Audit

We will perform a comprehensive website audit to identify issues and seek areas for improvements and enhancements.

5. Keyword Research

We will use the data and statistics collected through previous stages including traffic volume, search intent and relevancy to draw up a list of high performing keywords that will be used to monitor campaign progress and KPIs.

6. UX Review

We will review the website’s information architecture, conversion rates and UX, to explore possible enhancements with our in-house graphic design and website development team

7. On-site Optimization

We plan and implement onsite optimisation, through continuous review and restructuring, which potentially include the following or more:

  • Implement information architecture
  • Metadata optimisation
  • Internal anchor text optimisation
  • Alt tag optimisation (noScript optimisation)
  • Canonical tags (check, implement or removal)
  • Sensible implementation of robots.txt
  • Implement 301 redirects
  • Correct 404 errors
  • Sitemap optimisation
  • Correct faulty front end code
  • Correction of other front end errors (load time and compatibility)
  • Creation and uploading of any additional SEO-specific codes

8. Identify Duplications

We will remove any duplicate content that’s existing in the site.

9. Content Creation

We have a team of in-house strategists/writers who will either create or consult on the creation of new transactional content.

10. Backlink Analysis

We will analyse the client’s backlink portfolio to identify link spam. Link spam will be either removed or disavowed (if found).

11. Internal Analysis

We will review the website's internal link structure, ensuring that link juice is distributed to the priority pages and to limit the amount of pages siphoned by pages with low priority.

12. Google Listings

We will assist with the client’s Google My Business listing, ensuring that it is updated and optimised on time.

Phase 2

Post Phase I we will focus on campaign strategies to increase the site’s topic/domain authority.Avatar will do this through a combination of link building/online PR, informational content creation, implementation of structured data and social media management.

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