The initial experiments with Rain Filters was set in motion in the year 2002, as a method to solve water scarcity with the invention of ‘Injection Well Technology’ to facilitate successful bore-well recharge and continuous water yield.

A rigorous research & development led to durable innovations such as Rain Water Harvesting Filters, a plain sailing alternative to address the scarcity of water in India. 

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"Growing demands and effective business strategies, rainy set up its uniquely dedicated facility with a state of the art hydraulic testing labs, live demonstration facility, education centre and a holistic manufacturing unit.

With a strong business performance ratio and progressive practices, Rainy decided to give its journey a comprehensive treatment to its brand positioning with sharp values and a contemporary visual identity."

Portfolio Branding Client Image
Portfolio Branding Client Image
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"Rainy Filters teamed up with Avatar Studios to give a haul to its existing brand identity system. Avatar offered a holistic turn key design execution by realigning the brand with modern visions to enhance the brand’s valued culture.

The elements and treatment of the logo was an inspiration curated from the Brand’s core values of innovation, efficiency, excelled quality and sustainability keeping its language flexible for online and offline media and product representation. "


"Young homegrown companies like Rainy grow over years and tend to go for a rebranding that reflects their new found maturity and expertise in the field to embrace a more sophisticated, cutting edge appearance.

The overall feel of the Rainy’s branding communicates a friendly and approachable vibe dispelling too much gravitas that is generally witnessed with techno based businesses. "

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