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Conveying Stories, Moments and Emotions of your Brand

Introduce your business through professional photography.

Avatar understands that capturing special moments is not a child’s play. A treasured memory, a new venture or a sales promotion represents a big picture that voices the future. To achieve this, we go beyond impossible to make your story a success and worth cherishing with our best photography services together with our best photographers in Bangalore.

We have a team of experts who help you capture everything be it images for a new flyer, stills for digital marketing campaigns or even a small fundraising event at pretty affordable prices.

Branding and Design

What we do

Access professional photographers and photography services in Bangalore right here with ease

Event photography

Event Photography

Capture every detail of your exclusive events framing Corporate Meetings, Exhibitions, Seminars, Discourses and much more.

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product photography

Product Photography

Envision your product’s future with breathtaking stills that creates a momentum for lasting impressions with images that speaks beyond.

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Industrial Photography

Industrial Photography

Celebrate transparency of your business and instill confidence with imagery that portrays your business infrastructure and processes.

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Advertisement photography

Advertisement Photography

From campaigns to collaterals, ensuring your business is always in the A-Game with the best of authentic and professional photos.

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Advertisement photography

Corporate Photography

Shoot every movement of your business, in and out to fast forward your business into a real time profit maker customised to your needs.

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Selected Projects

Our shots are fabulous! Choose Avatar to discover the wild side of professional photography in Bangalore.

How we do

We do it like every other photographer in Bangalore… But Better!



We capture and develop your photography objectives and requirements gathering necessary resources, equipment in place.

photography video


We go on an expedition with our in house experts and go an extra mile to choose the perfect location to bring life to your stills.

video services


We explore unimaginable places to create exceptional mood boards and fine tune them with your business requirements.



We execute the shoot day capturing every nook and cranny of your key element or subject at all possible angles in detail.



We develop, edit our creativity giving it some sparkles through colour correction, grading, cleanups, re-touch and everything else.



We deliver you the best of our skills reflected on your photographs for you to experience what real photography is all about - on time.

Why choose Avatar

When we say photography, we always know the best photography service has unthinkable quality in terms of image, technology and service.

Step Ahead

You asked for it. We did it, and do it beyond.

Think Time

Let’s talk time, you will have accurate delivery.

Simply Reliable

Keeping it at your convenience safely, yes yours!

Cost Transparent

Hiding is not a word, it’s an emotion and we don’t do that!

Robust Technology

Meet our bespoke tech-mech, friendly, professional and fast.

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