Media Agency Vs Ad Agency

Media agency Vs Ad agency:

“Action to school time”, “Amul- the taste of India” when we hear these taglines we all go nostalgic right?. Whether we buy it or not advertisements have always made a strong impact on our lives and the trend continues even today. We all have at least one favorite advertisement in our life that brings a smile to our face. Advertisers today have set a benchmark for themselves and are bringing out their best creative side to build brand awareness and to impress the audience. There is a lot of work behind an advertisement from designing its logo, tagline, publishing it on the right platform, to promoting the products and companies don’t have time enough time as they got a lot of other work to do For this reason advertising agency came into the picture. It handles all types of advertising work, promotions. whereas a media agency is the one that provides services and tells the companies where, when, and how to advertise, also helps an advertising agency to build a positive reputation and for doing so they get paid by the advertisers.

Media Agency and Ad Agency

What does an ad agency, media agency do?:

An advertising agency handles negotiations, creates a campaign, copywriting, designing, etc. not only these advertising agencies also comes up with fresh ideas and strategies to transform a company’s product into a “brand”. And sometimes it handles promotions and marketing too if required Whereas, a media agency listens to the requirements of the client’s first and most of its work is sales based like increasing the sales of a product or service and sometimes it also works on giving better search results, increase ROI, drive traffic. Etc.

Types of Ad agency and media agency:

1) Different types of ad agency include:

  • Full-service agencies
  • Interactive agencies
  • Traditional agencies
  • Creative ad agencies
  • Branding ad agencies
  • Public relation agencies
  • Social media agencies
  • Digital ad agency

2) Different types of media agencies include:

  • Media-buying
  • Media-strategy
  • Media-planning
  • Research and insights.

Advantages of ad agency and media agencies:

1) Ad agency benefits:

  • Brand development: The world is full of competition and many businesses offer the same services as your business does. For example, there are many shoe manufacturers but Nike takes all the limelight because of its quality and the services provided. Thus an ad agency has strategies that will make your product a brand and will also make your brand famous.
  • Saving time/ money: Time is very precious and when it comes to the business every minute is important. By hiring an Advertise agency your team can concentrate on other important operations for which they are trained. Ad agencies also save money as they have a partnership with many media agencies, dealers, publishers through which they get discounts
  • Professional experience: Ad agencies are specialized in their field and they know what your competitors are doing. Hiring a new candidate, training them, and doing trial and error for your business might be risky ad agencies will plan the best strategy with their well-specialized knowledge & experience that will give better results for your business.
  • Secured Future: If your business is going through some hardships, or if it is struggling to get new customers. Hiring an ad agency can be a savior as they have some fresh ideas and strategies through will your business will have a bright future. All you have to do is tell everything about your business needs, requirements, services, and trust them.
  • New connections: As the ad agencies have worked with many people in the same field they will have a lot of contacts through which your business can get investors and hence a great start for the success of your business

2) Media agency benefits:

  • Competitive research: Media agencies have access to competitive tools that will give an idea about what your competitors are doing and how are they managing to stay at the top place in the market. Knowing their strength, weakness will help in building a strategy that will work best for the business
  • Strategy planning: Media agencies will understand the consumer’s needs, they will understand what they are liking and what they are not, and how they feel about a product or service. With this information, they will develop a strategy that will work great for both consumers and vendors
  • Updated about new trends: Marketing trends keep changing from time to time. If you are applying the same old strategy for a campaign it would not give you the expected results. Media agencies keep themselves updated about the new trends and apply the newest strategy for the campaign
  • Save resources: Hiring a media agency will save time, budget, people. This way media agencies will allow you to focus on your work. In the end, what every business need is sales. And media agencies are the best option who will help in increasing sales without affecting your other work.
  • Efficiency: Media agencies know how the market works and will not only develop media plans but also provides various cost-effective options for the campaigns that are efficient. There are media agencies in Bangalore that will help your business at every stage.

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