Make your social media posts creative

Make your social media posts creative

Social media marketing has become a must need for advertisers and all kinds of businesses today. Social media is a powerful tool for promotions and creating brand awareness. We don’t deny the fact that having a website for a business works wonders but having social media is equally important because the website is something that will display on the search engine only when the audience will search for specific keywords related to your business so to drive more traffic to your website and generate more leads social media plays a very important role.

Make your social media posts creative

Another fact why social media is important because billions of people across the world use it hence there is a better chance of reaching a huge audience. Social media is useful for both the business/business owner and also for the consumer. How? Let us know about it.

Make your social media posts creative

For businesses, social media is beneficial as it brings more traffic, leads, and for the audience because they will get all the updates about the brand easily.Businesses will get a strong foundation to promote their products whereas the audience will get the products they want to buy without any hassle.

As the business makes a profit when the audience starts liking its products/services/ brand and it is all about their likes and dislikes through social media it is possible to get to know more about the audience’s interests. For people, it will be an advantage as they can tell their requirements and receive the product as they wish.

A business that doesn’t show consistent growth over the months or years is not a good sign hence what is important is to work on the areas of improvements along with the right strategy, through social media you can ask the feedback from the audience and implement it in real-time.

Social media represents your brand and it might also be the reason for the lead conversions hence it is important to understand how to handle it the right way.

The three important points that cannot be missed for a smooth process of handling social media are as follows:

  • Maintain the social media calendar: It is always better to maintain a calendar and plan the posts in advance. Prepare a calendar of 1 month and decide the caption, get the creatives ready in advance, highlight if any special posts need to go on a particular date. This will avoid confusion on what to post daily and helps to maintain social media easily.
  • Use scheduling tools:There are many social media scheduling tools available with which we can schedule the posts for the future if you have planned the calendar before and everything is ready there is no need to wait for a particular time or day specifically for posting hence you can focus on other work
  • Focus on the quality: The way your social media must look to the audience is completely your decision. You can keep it very simple yet elegant or you can also try some creative grid options. Whatever the format is you should never compromise on the quality of the posts. Be it a caption, or graphics.
  • People will start following your social media handle when they find something relevant and also if you stand out from others. We understand as a business owner you have a lot to focus on hence it is important to hire a creative agency or social media marketing company that knows what is trending and how social media marketing is done. Social media is not just about posting; it must attract the audience and have a high engagement rate.

Let us know what are things we can do to keep our social media posts creative

  • Videos: Videos are trending everywhere and it drives a lot more traffic, reach, engagement compared to static posts. You can post videos as reels on Instagram, and normal videos on other platforms to give a boost to your social media.
  • Behind the scenes:Give a pause to your normal branding, promotions and post some BTS on social media. Let people see your hard work and also this will build trust amongst the users and shows that you are genuine.
  • Articles/blog posts:If your company has blog posts/ articles share them on the social media handle and provide direct links. This will not only increase the website traffic but also makes the user aware of certain topics.
  • Influencer content: Tie up with an influencer who suits your brand and ask them to generate content and post it on their social media and tag your social media handle. Influencers having a good number of followers and a high engagement rate must be chosen to reach more audiences.
  • Company News:Talk about your organisation structure, the teams you have, or just post the pictures of an event your company has done. Any kind of achievements that your company has got will create a good impression on the audience.
  • Animations / GIF:Animations/GIF are tough competitors to the videos. These are eye-catchy, interesting, and tell what you want to convey in the simplest form. These kinds of posts will make you stand out.
  • User-generated content:If any customers are already using products/services and have posted them on their social media you can always repost them. Any kind of testimonials, reviews can also be posted and used to appreciate your customers.
  • Contests:Run some contests on social media and announce some prizes to the winners. This will boost the engagement and followers as people will be interested to know more by hearing from their friends/family/relatives.

Apart from the above points, there are many other ways to make creative social media posts like inspirational quotes, the idea of starting your brand, if there is any legacy or history behind the brand, industry news, infographics, etc. All you need is the right team to handle it.

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