Importance of Video Marketing

Importance of video marketing in 2021:

Can we imagine our lives without videos? What if there were no videos and everything we needed was in the text format? Sounds boring right?. That’s the impact of videos. In this generation of the internet where everything is online video content is ruling all over the internet today and has become a popular form of content. A video is better than a well-written script, images, or any other medium. with videos people connect personally to the speaker and understand things better as they are interesting and most of the people prefer it as they feel videos save a lot of time compared to reading a long script. All the social media platforms like Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook, Snapchat, etc have made it easier to upload and share the videos hence they are trending everywhere and people are giving an immensely positive response.

videographer recording a person sitting on chair with the table and a laptop in the front
Image of camera which is taking image of another person in front of a green screen

The best example to explain the importance of video marketing will be the year 2020. Be it online classes for students, advertising a product, reviewing a product, just a fun video or a cookery show they have played a vital role in every field and have kept the audience engaged when there was no other option apart from sitting at home during the pandemic. Videos have also helped people to showcase their talent and upload it on social media. The videos of the people with the right talent have gone viral within seconds and they have got the recognition they deserve. Social media influencers have also made it huge in terms of popularity, earning money because of the high views on their videos.

Gone are the days of traditional marketing as people are smart enough today to research the products and services on the internet and then purchase it. Videos make people confident about the products and help them in decision-making. Thanks to video marketing many small-scale businesses have continued to make a profit and they have seen rapid growth. It is also seen that businesses who use video marketing have a higher success rate compared to the businesses who don’t use it as they drive more traffic hence more leads and conversions.

As marketers and business owners, we have to mold according to the requirements of our consumers. So, when video marketing is beneficial for both the consumers and vendors incorporating it as a marketing strategy into the business is a great deal. video marketing is worth every bit for your business and will remain the most important tool for digital marketing in 2021 and will continue to rule in the coming years.

There are a lot of reasons to start video marketing for your business right away. Have a look at how it could be beneficial for your brand.

  • Google prefers videos: As people watch your videos they tend to spend more time on the website and explore the brand, services you offer hence Google will know that your website has some great engaging content and thus will increase the ranking in the SERP( search engine result page)
  • Improves conversion: Few people find it boring to read the detailed description of products when it is written in words. But it will grab their attention if it is correctly explained and they are more likely to visit your website and purchase the items through which your website will see an increase in the conversion rate.
  • Helps in gaining the audience’s trust: For you, as a business, every customer is new but for the customers, the advertisement of products is not new as so many brands approach them daily making them difficult to decide which is genuine and which is a fraud. Including videos about your products/brands will make people realize that you are worth the trust.
  • Attracts new customers: with a strong video marketing strategy you can have a huge customer base. A good promotional video with some great content and an impressive title/description will make people stop scrolling and click on your videos. Uploading these videos on social media platforms will also engage the new audience.
  • People share it when they like it: Social media is a boon for all of us today and hence for the businesses as well. If people like your products and services they tend to share the videos with their family/friends and hence more views, thus more visits, more leads, more conversions.

Conclusion: We need to update ourselves with the latest trends that come our way and we have to give the audience what they like. And currently, video marketing is one such powerful tool that will bring great success to your business in the upcoming years.