Importance of Video Ads

Advertising is the backbone of every business and has become an important key for modern business. It plays a major role in the growth and success of a business. The main purpose of advertising is to let the customers know about the business, products, and services. It creates brand awareness among the people and lets them know that you exist in the market. Advertising is equally important for both business owners and consumers because with advertisements business owners are promoting their products hence there will be increased sales, conversions.

Video ads main


For consumers, it is important as they get to know what is existing in the market and because people will only buy products when they see them and feel if a particular product is beneficial for them. Also, it helps people to compare a different range of products and choose what is best for them. Without advertising, there is no awareness among people and it is not only about the products or services of a company it creates awareness about many social issues like smoking, child labor, alcohol consumption, or be it about the social distancing/ vaccination during the pandemic situations.

Developing effective ads

Developing advertisements must have a proper strategy so that they can capture the audience’s attention. Effective advertising reaches potential customers and keeps them reminded of your brand for years. There is no secret or any magic formula to make an ad effective but certainly, there are some things you need to follow. The five important principles to follow for an effective advertisement are

  • Keep the message simple

  • Be truthful

  • Make sure the ad looks professional

  • The ad should be unique and competitive

  • Include call-to-action

There are different types of advertisements such as

  1. Display advertising
  2. Video advertising
  3. Mobile advertising
  4. Native advertising

Although each type of advertising has its advantages, video advertising has gained immense popularity in recent years and is set to grow stronger, better in the coming years. Video advertisements are a powerful tool for marketing campaigns that helps increase engagement on digital platforms. Videos give a personal touch to the message that we want to convey and connect with the audience at an emotional level. Video ads are a combination of audio and visual elements hence are effective in understanding things especially when there is an educational video or product-based video. Videos are trending on social media and have the ability to get more views, traffic and the conversion rate is also better than any other form of content. Videos create an everlasting impression on the audience if done in the right way. For example, there are some advertisements from our childhood that no longer exist but make us nostalgic whenever we think of them . The power of video advertisements makes a huge impact on the audience and keeps the brand name in their hearts forever.

7 amazing advantages of using video advertisements

  1. Video boosts conversions and sales : Researches have shown that people who watch the videos are more likely to buy the product because visuals are better understood than static images and our brain captures visuals better than any other form. Hence adding a video to the landing page or product description and giving CTA will yield greater sales.
  2. Great ROI: If there is a rise in conversions and sales it will directly have a positive impact on ROI. Although the videos need to be attractive and creative you really don’t have to struggle for it because with easy access to video editing tools you can create an amazing video for your audience. You can also hire professionals from a digital marketing agency.
  3. It builds trust: some people hesitate to buy products online fearing fraud and cheating. Incorporating the videos on your social media/ website will make it easy for the audience to know in detail about the products and services. Adding the BTS videos, going live, interacting with the audience helps to create a long-term relationship with the audience
  4. Search engines love video: Posting videos on social media, adding them on blogs, or embedding them on the website makes it more likely to show up on the search engine for the target audience who search for similar information as to what your business has to offer. Optimizing the videos, writing a captivating and attractive title/description, adding backlinks will improve the ranking in SERP( search engine result page)
  5. Works well among mobile users: As the number of smartphone users is growing and as people find it convenient to watch videos on mobile phones your video audience will be bigger. According to sources, people who watch videos on mobiles are likely to watch the full video and pay more attention compared to the ones who watch it on the desktop.
  6. Videos are better storytellers: Because videos include sight and sound they connect to the audience on a personal level. Even the huge information can be explained in the simplest way. Additionally, videos can be made more fun and entertaining by including animation. This will keep the audience engaged and avoids boredom.
  7. Videos encourage social shares:

    With all its new features social media encourages video content. Creating fun and attractive videos will encourage people to share them with their family and friends. If your video is impressive and is loved by the audience it can become viral in seconds. Social shares help in increasing the traffic to the website.

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