Importance of sound in video production

While sound is frequently overlooked in video creation, it is unquestionably just as crucial as high-quality video. Your audience may overlook a fuzzy, out-of-focus image, but they won’t overlook poor sound because you won’t be as interested in what someone is saying if you can’t properly hear what they are saying. Without audio, it is doubtful that your message will be understood by the audience as 80% of the information in an interview comes from sound.

One person on editing studio working using the equipment

Imagine hearing crew members talking or the air conditioning buzzing while you are watching the 10 o’clock news.

These “little” interruptions would have an impact on your focus and interest, and amateur video production frequently overlooks the importance of sound. You need a web design company in Bangalore to assist you with all of these challenges, which is why.

Here is our best advice for taking high-quality sound recordings:

Purchase a good microphone.

The built-in microphone on your camera shouldn’t be utilized unless necessary because it tends to take up a lot of background noise. Try to invest in a good microphone. This will allow you to record the sounds you want while minimizing the noises you don’t. To achieve high-quality sound, we virtually always employ clip-on radio mics. 

Place the microphone

Get your microphone as close to your subject as you can, and point it in the direction of the sound source. Try to attach your clip-on microphone to the subject’s collar if you have one. If you have a positional microphone, attach it to a boom pole, hover it above the subject’s head, and point it directly at their mouth while getting as close as you can without the microphone getting in the way of the shot!

Background audio

When filming, be mindful of the numerous sounds in your immediate environment and make every effort to reduce them before beginning the shoot. Consider moving further away from the road if you’re filming close to a busy street because you can’t order the cars to halt or to be quiet.

Indoors is a typical location for filming, and if we use an office as an example, there is a good probability that you will hear people talking, laptops buzzing, and the air conditioner whirling. Therefore, to reduce this background noise, just cover windows, turn off the air conditioning momentarily, and encourage staff to speak quietly when you are recording.

Check your audio and test the volume.

Because people have different voices, we always adjust the microphone settings before an interview.
Many cameras have sound meters that display your sound levels as bars that move while you speak on the screen. Use headphones or a monitor to watch out for whether their speech is too loud or too quiet while filming if you can’t check the sound settings on the camera.

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Set airplane mode on your phone

Turning off your phone’s ring tone while you’re recording may be fairly clear, but switching to airplane mode might not be. Phones generate signals that your recording system can pick up when they receive calls or do queries as part of their background operations. Put your phones in airplane mode to prevent obtrusive phone signals from wrecking nice takes.

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Change the levels

Check the volume of the sound your microphone picks up before pressing the record button. Set your settings (microphone sensitivity) so that the sound is between -6 dB and -12 dB. This volume range provides your sound source some leeway to increase in volume without clipping the recorded audio. When you first hear audio that was captured in this range, it could seem quite quiet. However, there’s no need to fear because you can turn up the volume during editing.

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Speak clearly

Ensure that the person speaking is speaking clearly. It can be rather intimidating to speak in front of the camera, thus we find that many people mumble or stammer when doing so. Maybe telling them to be as natural as possible would put them at ease a little.

Good sound won’t be noticed by most people, while bad sound will almost always be heard by everyone! When creating video content for your company, using these suggestions will get you started on the path to improved sound recording.

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