How to Write Scripts for Videos

In 2022, the average consumer spent over 100 minutes a day watching videos. This rapid rise in video consumption started in 2020 when the average online video consumption rate saw an increase of 96%. Now, what do all great videos have in common? Great ideas. Creating appealing video content for your business is primarily about converting great ideas into great scripts. Of course, the actual video production process is equally important. But, without great scripts, high-quality video production is impossible.

High-quality scriptwriting can help you explore concepts, set predetermined themes, and give your projects clear direction. At Avatar Studios, we have produced thousands of video scripts that have driven outstanding results for our clients. We have years of collective experience in documentaries, corporate films, ad films, social media marketing videos, explainer videos, and more. We are the best video production house in Hyderabad and a proud home to the country’s leading scriptwriters and editors.    

Our years of experience in video production, web design, and marketing give us a unique perspective on scriptwriting. 

Be it writing scripts for corporate films, documentaries, explainer videos, ad films, or in-house training videos – you can rely on us. Here’s how our video production company in Hyderabad approaches the process of scriptwriting in large and small-scale video production projects: 

Setting the Format

Writing script

Scripts for feature-length movies, marketing videos, ad films, and similar productions share a common structural foundation. However, at Avatar Studios, we understand the power of innovation in scriptwriting. While adhering to the established rules of script formatting, we introduce slight yet impactful modifications to enhance creativity and engagement. 

Our team prioritizes the clients’ suggestions throughout the scriptwriting process. We believe in the power of collaboration and are committed to transforming visions into reality. 

Our scriptwriting process is centered around a three-column table layout, which reflects our dedication to clarity and client collaboration: 

  • Narrative Column: This column is the voice of your video. Here, we meticulously script every dialogue, voiceover, and presenter’s lines, ensuring they align with your vision and message. We pay close attention to narrative length, as it dictates the overall pacing and impact of the video. 
  • Visual Column: In this column, we visually bring your story to life. Whether it’s live footage, animations, or stock images, each visual element is chosen to complement and enhance the narrative, ensuring a seamless and engaging viewing experience. 
  • Graphics and On-Screen Text Column: This section details the textual and graphical elements that will appear on the screen. From interviewee titles to call-to-action prompts, every piece of text is crafted to integrate seamlessly with the video’s narrative flow. 

Setting the Structure of the Script

Being the best video production house in Hyderabad, our team never likes using words like “formula.” But, setting a clear structure for every video script is vital. Otherwise, hour-long script-related discussions can turn fruitless. In our experience, almost all good video scripts have the following elements: 

  • Setting: Fast and attention-grabbing emotional hook or a surprising fact or a relatable incident. 
  • Difficulty: Confront your target audience’s immediate difficulties, essentially showing them why they should care. 
  • The “Secret”: A revelation of what the target viewer could be doing wrong. 
  • The Solution: Promotional content about the product or service, displaying how they can solve the target consumer’s difficulties. 
  • The Brand: Promotional content about the brand, explaining how the brand knows the “secret” solutions. 
  • The Call-to-Action: The final “hook” to make the audience feel passionate about the problem your brand is planning to solve. 

Creating the Body of the Script 

It’s always better to stick to specific customer profiles while visualizing the body of the script. The script body will contain details about the central characters, important dialogues, etc. It needs to be as relatable as possible. Before writing this section of the script, gain a solid understanding of your audience’s preferences. 

  • Where will your audience watch your video? 
  • Which age brackets is the video targeting? 
  • Is your target audience niche or universal? 
  • What’s the average attention span of your target audiences? 
  • What message should the viewer take away from the video? 

Addressing these questions will make it easier to set the tone and the key themes of the script. Setting the duration, using the right language, and determining the core messaging of the script also becomes easier. Our video production agency constantly works with local companies. These companies have very specific target audiences. 

Our scriptwriting team always prefers using audience-specific language and themes in our scripts. Be it live-action videos or animated explainer videos – concentrating on the specific needs of target audiences is critical. Based on the aforementioned details, we finalize the following aspects of our scripts: 

  • Locations 
  • Dialogues 
  • Central characters, their backgrounds 
  • Video format (shooting technique) 
  • Time Limit 

 Finalizing the Visual and Audio Elements 

Your script is a set of directions. During production, the script should be easy to follow and clear all confusion. That’s why specifying the visual and audio elements of your video in the script is very important. 

  • Determine which parts of your video script will feature background music. 
  • Which scenes will line up next to each other, and how will each scene be connected? 
  • Break down each scene into smaller sections and structure it in a shooting-friendly way. 
  • Decide what extra audio elements (e.g., narration, sound effects, etc.) will be required in which scenes to set the ambience. 
  • Re-edit the dialogues to ensure they’re delivered at a reasonable pace – they don’t cross the time limit. 

Our team re-visualizes each script we produce countless times to ensure it is compelling.  

After deciding on the story and the structured narrative arc of the script, we provide a script that’s ready for shooting. 

Avatar’s film and video production crews are full of experienced writers, cinematographers, editors, composers, animators, and directors. To know more about our scriptwriting and video production processes – contact us now!