How To Make Animated Videos

Anime videoIrrespective of the age group we belong to, Tom and Jerry will always remain our favorite! While we wonder what to binge- watch, Tom & Jerry would have already been up and running on our devices. It is a classic show that is loved by each one of us. It makes us laugh, it makes us stress-free, and we enjoy every bit of it. It is difficult to tell what made the show a huge success because there is nothing in particular, the music, the script, or the animation itself everything had set a benchmark. No one ever thought a cat and mouse could be animated this way and a show that doesn’t have a single dialogue will make the whole world go crazy and addicted to the show. Tom and Jerry is not just a show. It is an emotion for many people which became a natural stress reliever for many. Thanks to William Hanna, Joseph Barbera who created this show and gave us huge entertainment that not just made our childhood fun but our adulthood too. Apart from Tom and Jerry, there are many iconic animation series like pokemon, toy story, in and out, frozen, the lion king, and ofcourse Aladin.

What makes animation videos unique?

The world accepts the concept of uniqueness with open arms and animation created a buzz when it entered the industry. Instead of the normal people in the tiny little cartoons were eye- catchy to the audience. Animations express the story or concept in the most unique way that normal videos fail to. It is also seen that children grasp things better and faster through animation videos that is why when you ask children who are their favorite heroes, most of them will tell some animated characters they make these characters as their inspiration. Not just children but the animation videos connect with people more easily.

Today animation is not just limited to entertainment but has become a strategy for businesses to advertise their products/ services or for brand awareness. This is because businesses understand people’s mindsets. They know that videos are more engaging than the static images and including animation in the videos will attract more audience as it is attractive, grabs attention, receives more engagement and views, and makes you stand out from others. Just a 30 seconds animation video with a captivating story line can explain far better than the 100 static images. Especially if used in social media it can become viral in no seconds. Hence you get more traffic and people would love to explore what your brand is all about. Animations can be used in different industries where the businesses might feel it difficult to explain with a real object for example the weather forecasting, the medical industry where they want to explain about the blood flow in the body, explaining the surgery, general medical concepts, or any historical stories. One of the best advertisements that created a buzz is the Vodafone zoozoos. They are super cute with short concepts yet did the advertising. Be it the google doodle, Facebook reactions, or just the smallest animated emoji. We love them all.

If you ever had the interest to create an animated video here are things you need to know.

  • Drawing Skills
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Presentation skills
  • Knowledge about graphics software
  • Timing
  • Most importantly, patience!

How to create animated videos?

1. Define the purpose: the first thing you need to understand is the purpose of your animation which means what is your animation all about? Will it be an advertisement? A short story? An explainer video about a topic? a social cause message or anything that you would like to convey to the audience. When the purpose is clear all other tasks become much easier.

2. A script: once you are ready with the purpose now, it is time to put it into words. A script can contain dialogues, messages, reviews, etc. you need to decide what exactly needs to be told in the video. There is no compulsion of having dialogues in the video if you don’t want to. You can use texts instead. Just make sure the script is strong as it will make the video effective.

3. Creating a storyboard: storyboard is like a blueprint. This is very essential when you are in this field. Even when you are constructing a building you will have a dummy model that will give an idea of what exactly your home will look like similarly, a storyboard will give a representation of your final animated video. You can use the online storyboards too. If you feel what you scribbled on the storyboard is exactly what you want you can convert it into your final video.

4. Decide the type of animation: There are different types of animation like traditional animation, 2D animation, 3D animation, motion graphics, stop motion, whiteboard animation videos, typography animation videos, handcraft animation videos, or infographic videos. Choose the area of interest depending on the skills and requirements. Here, you also need to understand your target audience.

5. Creating the animated video: To do this, first, you need to decide which animation software you will use. Make sure the software you are using is updated, has the latest trends, has good templates, and everything that will make your video the best one because we can’t go wrong in this step as it will decide what you want to convey to the audience. Make sure it comes out perfect as you wanted doesn’t matter after how many trials.

6. Color correction: In this step, your choice of color plays an important role. In the video if you don’t like any colors or if you feel if any color is not matching with the background, the previous slides, or with the concept you can do all the editing here. Choose colors according to your concept that you have decided or if you have any specific brand colors you can stick to it. The colors you use must be in sync means one scene shouldn’t be too light and the other quite opposite.

7. Add music: Adding music is one of the steps that makes your video effective. Choose music that will suit the storyline and that will attract the audience. Music is such a powerful thing that if it is good and the audience likes it will not go out of their mind. They will remember it forever and it can become the identity of your brand.

What makes animated videos popular?

  • Animated videos are appealing and attractive
  • It makes you stand out from others
  • Gives your imagination a life
  • They are cost-effective
  • Engagement is better with the customers
  • Boosts conversions
  • Improves SEO
  • Increase in sales
  • The reach will be increased
  • Saves time and money.