How to choose Instagram influencers

Instagram influencerInstagram is the most trending social media platform today. What makes Instagram different from others is that it is beyond just uploading photos and likes, comments. Instagram is more about visuals which is always better than the long descriptive texts. Uploading a story with a quirky emoji, a filter makes it more fun. Moreover, Instagram is an integration of many social media apps means it covers all the features of other social media apps additionally it has some interesting features of its own.

What makes Instagram so popular?

  1. Mobile-friendly – People spend most of their time browsing the internet on their mobiles as they are handy, comfortable. Instagram is more compatible with mobile devices than compared to the desktop version and hence it becomes easy for people to use it.
  2. User-friendly – The UI of Instagram is designed by keeping the user’s comfort in mind. There are no complex options as every feature is easily available therefore the simple yet appealing UI attracts more users from all over the globe
  3. It is fun – Instagram is more fun to use when compared to other social media platforms. Be it using different filters to make your picture attractive or be it making videos and uploading as reels on the most trending songs Instagram keeps people entertained in every aspect
  4. Platform to showcase the talent: With Instagram, many people have a got a chance to showcase their skills through photography, videos, and much more for which they have gained immense popularity. The right talent has never gone waste on Instagram as people make it viral within seconds and that’s the power of Instagram.
  5. The game of hashtags: Instead of the long descriptive posts in the caption, people find it interesting to just upload a photo and use the relevant hashtag and make the hashtag viral. In this way, Instagram is short and crisp yet easy and fun.

How Instagram helps businesses?

Apart from other forms of marketing, social media marketing plays a crucial role in the growth of a business and to increase leads. It helps to reach the target audience and helps in gaining customer loyalty. There are several benefits of having Instagram in your business. A few of them are listed below

  1. Brand awareness: As much as search engines are important, social media has also become an important tool for digital marketing. Social media is used by everyone today and especially Instagram has the highest active users hence it is possible to reach the maximum audience.
  2. It boosts engagement: Being active on social media will increase the engagement on your posts. You can either post some high-quality pictures of products or hold a Q&A session with the audience in the stories. It can be in the form of likes, shares, comments. The more the engagement of people more will be the visibility of your brand.
  3. Stories and hashtags are the game-changers: With Instagram apart from advertising or promoting your products you can also be a little quirky and creative by using the trending and relevant hashtags. You can also post BTS in the stories and highlight it with which people will connect more.
  4. Strategize with Instagram insights: Just posting things on social media without knowing how they are performing will not lead to success. Thanks to Instagram that provides you data like how your content is performing, how your engagement growth has been, and many other things. You can use this data and plan your next step.
  5. Collaborate with influencers: With Instagram, you can always team up with the influencers to promote your brand. influencers have a good number of followers hence you can reach more people and the audience will be able to trust your brand.
    Now, the above point comes into the picture when we have influencer marketing in place. influencers can be anyone who has a good number of followers and need not be only celebrities. Influencers motivate people and inspire them with their photos, skills, talent, videos, etc. There are different influencers in every field where they have expert knowledge about a product.

To choose the right Instagram influencer for your brand you need to consider below things:

Apart from other forms of marketing, social media marketing plays a crucial role in the growth of a business and to increase leads. It helps to reach the target audience and helps in gaining customer loyalty. There are several benefits of having Instagram in your business. A few of them are listed below

  1. Choose your type and needs: First thing that you need to understand is what are the final results you want from this campaign. Is it just the brand awareness, to increase the leads, to buy products, etc? Depending on the needs choose if the influencer’s area of interest matches and if they have any knowledge/experience in the field.
  2. Check the engagement rate:The engagement rate is very important as it tells us how well the audience is interacting with the influencer. The engagement can be in any form such as likes, comments. You can check the rate for at least 10 posts and also check how well the influencer interacts with the audience as it develops a cordial relationship
  3. Audience quality:Despite checking the number of followers for a particular audience it also becomes important to check if the audience is genuine or not. For example, if the influencer’s content quality is poor still have a huge number of followers you need to rethink
  4. The frequency:An influencer who is active on social media and posts the content frequently on their Instagram handles is likely to see an increase in followers faster and hence the interactions/engagement per post will also increase. Also, you can check the percentage.
  5. Content quality: This is the most essential thing. The quality of the content that an influencer post matters a lot. Be it a review of the product or any other normal post it must be creative and well-composed as the influencer’s content will become the voice of your brand when you will choose them it is important to check the quality.

Conclusion: Choosing the right Instagram influencer will increase the visibility of your brand and helps in brand awareness. Avatar Studios is the influencer marketing agency in Bangalore that will help you choose the right influencer for your brand.