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We have the best green screen studio in Bangalore to teleport you into virtual reality. From high class business hub to the world of marvel, give your product or service a personalized touch with green screen photography & videos with the power of chromakeying.

Bring the world closer to you with green screens for your portfolio shoots, interviews, webinars, explainer videos, product photoshoots, virtual lifestyle shoots and more. Reach out to for all your green screen shoot requirements.

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Green Screen Studio


A 10x20 air-conditioned space equipped with 6 LED lights.


A fully equipped green room with make-up area.


High-end camera, photo lights, teleprompter and more


Acoustically treated edit suite & audio recording studio.

Professional Green Screen Production. Budget Friendly Creation

Our Location

We are close to you at a prime location, Mahalakshmi Layout.

Our Clients

We have clients that are major players in the market.

Feature/Short Film

Feature/Short Films

We have covered feature/short films, documentaries and more.

Content/Social Media

We churn out high quality content for all your social media needs

Music Videos

We are preferred by all up and coming artists for their music videos.


We shoot branded and retail projects big, small or anything in between.

It's Good To Go Green (FAQs)

  • Why is green screen used in studio?
  • What's the purpose of a green screen?
  • Why is green screen used for recording?
  • Why do people use a green backdrop?
  • What are the advantages of using green screen?
  • When did green screens become popular?
  • What is replacing green screens?
  • Are green screens worth it?
  • Is green screen still used?

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