Graphic Design Trends 2022

In 2022, digital marketing will be more important to brands than ever. According to McKinsey, companies that diversify their spending across different social and digital video channels will drive the highest ROIs. Graphic design has always been a critical aspect of digital marketing. High-quality visual communications are likelier to resonate with specific target audiences and generate brand awareness. Unlike long-format videos or written content, web graphics, infographics, etc., are also easier to produce. At Avatar Studios, we know the power of high-quality graphics. Being the leading graphic design company in Bangalore, we help hundreds of companies create exciting visual personas. Our hybrid graphic design department is full of editors, graphic designers, web developers, and marketing experts. Together, these professionals combine to create authentic and appealing logos, infographics, marketing collaterals, websites, landing pages, and more. Here are the top graphic design trends that we fill will impact all types of creative work in 2022

Custom Logo Designs

India’s e-commerce sector registered sales of approximately $56.6 billion in 2021. Local brands that want to capitalize on this rapid rise in online shopping must make better first impressions. New shoppers are drawn towards brands that appear credible, exciting, and easily recognizable. Investing in custom logo designs is the easiest way for brands to display these qualities to new shoppers. We’re the leading logo design company in Bangalore. In our experience, companies with carefully designed logos:

  • Attain brand recognition faster.
  • Establish credibility on the spot – users see their custom-designed logos and feel positive about the brand.
  • Customized colour palettes in brand logos help the public interpret the business with positive emotions.

Avatar Studios’ logo design team collaborates closely with our branding experts. Together they examine market trends, understand what graphics/colours our target customers respond to, and create appropriately designed logos. The logo we create can serve as the ideal “face” of your brand. In 2022, expect busy consumers (especially online shoppers) to judge books by their covers and brands by their “faces.”

Unleash the Power of Memes

Believe it or not, memes are now universal visual languages. Popular memes can share important messages without long or complex background contexts. Audiences can instantly realize the contexts behind well-known memes. Brands must utilize the power of memes by incorporating them into their graphic design strategies in 2022.

  • Use famous internet quotes or tweets to highlight brand activities, products, etc.
  • Edit popular memes and place your products or services. Such relatable content is guaranteed to make your audiences perceive your brand in a better light.
  • Use screenshots of popular Facebook posts, tweets, etc. Share them on your social media platforms for increased engagement.

The Age of Innovative Typography

In 2018, only 21,467 Indian brands invested in digital marketing. In 2021, 73,000+ brands were advertised digitally. As a graphic design agency that’s been helping brands boost their digital presence way before 2018, we’re aware of these trends. We know the most common typographic styles new and inexperienced brands use. That’s why companies that want to stand out in this digital marketing era must invest in innovative typographic styles. Web content that will stand out in 2022 will feature captivating fonts, colours, and typography. Expect the following typography trends to dominate in 2022:

  • Exaggerated characterful letterforms
  • Dynamic lettering
  • Extra sharp angles
  • Solid shadows
  • Motion design typographic
  • Text with vivid shades and sharp contrasting shapes

Diversity in Branding Visuals

According to India Design Council, the local graphic design industry’s market value is expected to exceed ₹5,500 crores by 2025. However, this design potential can only be tapped if the industry is more diverse and more inclusive. As a leading graphic design company in Bangalore, we’re dedicated to diversity and inclusion in our staff and our work. Gone are the days when web graphics would only feature able-bodied male characters. In 2022, the visuals that will appeal the most to audiences will be inclusive. New-age brand graphics should feature diverse groups of people. Representing the ideas of marginalized groups is also a great way to draw public attention.

Data, But Fun Data

Contrary to popular belief, data is not boring. The way data is presented impacts the emotions it creates in the viewers’ minds. Avatar Studios’ graphic design agency is full of “visual language design” experts. These professionals can present all types of data but in a fun way.

  • Create Annual Reports that are colourful, full of images, and easy to interpret. Such graphics can boost in-house cooperation and contribute
  • Use our Data Visualization models to create exciting eBooks, whitepapers, and other company documents.
  • Use high-quality, interactive infographics (instead of dull, lengthy blogs) to share relevant information with target audiences on business websites.
  • Create colourful and vibrant presentations for meetings, etc.

Data visualization will be a key responsibility of every top graphic designer in 2022. Graphic designers who can present complex data in fun visuals are able to communicate complex information to target audiences. Audiences appreciate viewing educative yet fun data visualizations. Several top brands are exploring the latest graphic design trends to advance their digital marketing strategies in 2022. If you want to scale your creative content at cost-effective rates, partner with Avatar Studios. We can provide the best on-demand graphic design services. From logo design to landing page design to social media graphics – we provide all types of graphic design services. Contact us now!