Video Marketing Trends 2022

Video Marketing Trends 2022

The global video marketing industry underwent seismic shifts in 2020 and 2021. The pandemic proved that digital marketing could be extremely cost-effective if you use the right tools. Videos are by far the most effective tools for video marketers. Compelling visuals can drive audiences and inspire them to spend on your company’s products and services. That’s why ad spending in India’s video marketing sector was over $696m in 2021.

It’s clear that video marketing is the present and the future of marketing. Do you want to leverage high-quality videos to boost your brand awareness and increase your bottom line? Partner with Avatar Studios – the best video production house in Hyderabad! Our hybrid video production department is full of experienced writers, directors, editors, and graphic designers. We’ve helped produce hundreds of documentaries, corporate videos, ad films, social media vide

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Our videos reflect the values and the best qualities of our client’s brands. More importantly, our carefully researched scripts always address our target customers and their core needs. Plus, we create the most compelling visuals and videos based on the latest video marketing trends. Our video production company in Hyderabad is always up-to-date with what other top global companies are doing.

Here are some exciting video marketing trends we are planning to focus on in 2022 –

An Emphasis on Explainer Videos (Especially Animated Explainer Videos)

Explainer videos are short-form videos that highlight specific concepts. From product features to business ideas to educational topics - explainer videos can feature all types of content. But, they’re all geared to boost brand awareness and impact customer decisions. We never coax our viewers to take action – we share brand-related ideas in subtle and compelling ways to persuade them.

How? By using stunning visuals! According to a recent survey, 84% of consumers reported that watching explainer videos swayed them to make purchases. Many of these videos were animated. Avatar Studios has one of the finest animation video production houses in the country. Here, we can incorporate appealing graphics, cool characters, and plenty of other exciting features in your animated explainer videos.


For the modern-day consumer, a well-animated explainer video is far more visually interesting than the long speeches of human salespersons. In 2022, watching explainer videos to learn about brands, products, business ideas, etc., will be the norm.

Livestreaming Events

As the best video production house in Hyderabad, we frequently have to work with top brands. Believe it or not – many top brand leaders are not up to date with the latest video marketing trends. They think achieving total brand control is a plausible idea. Unfortunately, brands that stick to “the script” and don’t embrace creativity will struggle in 2022 and beyond.

That’s because brands that produce over-prepared and strictly controlled content often appears “fake.” In 2022, brands must drop these corporate veils and show their “human” sides. The best way to participate in brand storytelling while being 100% authentic and present is live streaming business events.

Avatar Studios is the best “live” video production company in Hyderabad. We use the latest equipment to provide premium-quality live coverage videos services. Here’s how brands apply these services –

  • Host live Question and Answer sessions and conversations with audiences. Ask social media followers to participate in these sessions as well.
  • Offer live customer support at brand events.
  • Make special company-related announcements or product introductions.
  • Host live interviews with influencers, bloggers, notable business partners
  • Host periodic live sessions on Facebook, Twitch, Periscope, etc.

Even live streaming day-to-day office activities can make your brand appear more “human” to target audiences. In 2022, expect more companies to explore this video marketing trend to generate live engagement on various social media platforms.

Search Engine Optimized Videos

In 2022, 82% of all internet traffic will be video content. Brands that optimize the video content they produce for search results will capture the lion’s share of all this traffic. Video SEO is not a new concept for our SEO team. For years, our team has known that searching for video results will eventually become a popular way of discovering brands.

Optimizing every video that your company produces for Google’s search engine will be critical in 2022 and beyond. That means - labeling your video content, segmenting them into different subtopics, and targeting specific video search queries. Whenever you’re adding tags or descriptions to your videos, research what types of videos your target audiences are looking for.

Here’s a brief rundown of some other video marketing trends that will be popular across 2022

  • 360-Degree Videos: According to Google, 360-degree marketing videos increase the chances of viewers taking purchase actions by 41%.
  • Daily Business Vlogs: Does your business website have a daily or weekly blog section? Now it needs to have a daily vlog section where you can publish new sales-oriented videos.
  • Vertical Videos: Choosing this video format will help you target avid smartphone users. Vertical videos are extremely social-media friendly. Short (10 to 30 seconds long) vertical videos are also very hard to ignore.

Ready to harness the power of video marketing in 2022? Follow these trends before your competitors do. If you want assistance, partner with Avatar Studios – the most technologically advanced video production agency in the country. From production assistance to scriptwriting – our team can do it all! We can handle your video marketing projects with maximum efficiency. Check out our website to learn more about video marketing.

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