Types of corporate videos

Types of corporate videos

Versatility is the key to business promotional campaigns. And the corporate videos serve the function in the best way. These videos will serve a wide range of purposes, from entertaining to training. Therefore, all the brands, regardless of their size, are now focussing on corporate video production more than anything else.

Choosing the right video production company in Chennai is important to ensure that the video conveys the right message to the viewers. At Avatar Studios, we have an extremely efficient team who can not only make the right video for your company but also explain to you the different types of videos that can help your business to progress further this year.

1. Brand video

This is the video that we will suggest placing on the landing page of the website or the About us page. The idea is to encapsulate the brand and its concept in a short and catchy video. We will use the video to put forward the story of your company, highlight then values, and clearly state the product or service that you offer.

As it's the video that will define your brand, we need to show what makes you different than the other similar brands in the industry. This will be the perfect flagship piece of motion picture that will communicate to your customers about your brand and the reasons to visit your website.

We use elements like

  • Stock footage
  • Animations
  • Images from your company
  • Words from the owner

And other elements that will help to present your company in the best light.

2. Exhibition or conference film

When you plan to showcase your company at a global conference or some exhibition, you cannot only stick to the basics of the company with a promotional tone. Here, you have to show the in-depth working of the company in terms of the product and services. Unlike the branding video, this video will provide more information about the business than advertising the company.

Animations, texts, charts, and graphics become our tools to create a video that you can present on a large screen in front of a knowledgeable audience. Let us know what will be the nature of the audience, and we will make a video that will appeal to them.

3. Social media videos

If you plan to use video marketing as the chief tool to stay ahead in your industry, you have t invest in social media videos. It is undoubtedly one of the best options for the video marketing process. These videos can accomplish two tasks:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Improve audience engagement

Our video production agency in Chennai knows exactly how to make short and vibrant videos that will encourage social media users to stop scrolling down and induce their curiosity to learn more about your company. The focus of these videos is not always the products or services that you offer. It can be related to some latest event or trend that will simply bring back your brand in the minds of the viewers.

Types of corporate video

4. Email videos

Sending some videos about your company to the existing customers as well as the contacts from the different databases that you use for lead generation will aid in multiplying the probability of business acquisition.

The videos can't be too long, but informative enough to share the information about your company. Putting this video in an email, we increase the chances of click-through rate by about 200-300%.

5. Testimonial videos

Customers are very smart these days. Don't expect them to choose your company without even checking the website and reading the reviews. The reviews from the existing customers will help people to decide whether they will choose your company. But reading the reviews can be boring and monotonous. Why not we convert it into a simple but entertaining video that will draw the attention of the potential customers and also make them rely on the company.

types of corporate video

6. Behind-the-scene videos

Are you ready to show the work culture in your organization to the entire world? Then this video is going to serve the purpose. Our video production agency shows expertise in sharing informal videos that will help the world know what goes on behind the products or services they buy. If you can show the talent that contributes to the development of what you sell, it will help people to trust your company.


7. Commercials

Avatar Studios masters the art of making commercials that will showcase your brand, product, or service in a manner that will impress the viewers. It's necessary to instill an important message in their minds about your company and compel them to try your product or service at least once.

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