Why is a company profile important video?

Why is a company profile important video?

Video marketing has become the most powerful medium to boost brand engagement and increase the credibility of a company in the industry. Gone are the days when the primary ways to interact with your clients were through newspaper ads, television commercials, radio, magazines, and sales brochures. In this era of smartphones, your company will be lagging behind if you are not providing quick information.

The company profile will be a professional introduction to draw the attention of the viewers. Before trying to sell your product or service, you need to inform people about your company. The aim is to design a video that will make a powerful impact and also a memorable first impression on potential clients and investors. Avatar Studios is presently serving as the most competent video production company in Mumbai by creating the perfect company profiles.

Why is the profile important?


The video marketing trend is at its peak, and don’t be surprised if it reaches further heights. The profile video will be your golden opportunity to case a wider and more effective impact on the viewers.

  • An ideal profile video will be a short synopsis about the brand and what you are offering to the customers.
  • We can set up the video in an interview format or the form of a documentary with a proper voice-over and background score.

We believe that sky is the limit when it comes to showcasing our creativity through the videos. Therefore, we study the nature of your business and analyze the right format to use for maximum engagement of the viewers. We aim to capture the attention of your viewers within the first 5 seconds of the video as that’s the maximum time your website will get to compel a viewer to view further.

1. Addressing customers directly

Your company is continuously studying the behavior and trends of potential customers. So you know what they expect from your company. The profile video that we make is an opportunity to address the potential customers directly. How is your company trying to address the customer’s needs? The profile video that we make at the video production agency in Mumbai will tell the story of the company- your company, as the best solution to the needs of the potential customers.

2. Face-to-face interaction

When a person is watching any commercial advertising of your company, they get to see the product but not the people behind the concept. Why don’t you show up as the mastermind behind innovative products or services?

People feel comfortable knowing the person behind the brand. Your company should not be only about a name and a logo, but the ideation of a person and also the team effort that leads to the production of such products.

Usually, our team of video makers tries to incorporate the video glimpses of the entire manufacturing process so that your customers get to know how you are maintaining a very good production unit with advanced techniques of production and packaging. The interactive session will portray the company as a trustworthy and reliable brand.


3. Leading with the unique factor

Our job is to find out what sets your brand apart. We try to lead the profile video with this particular point. Depending on the factors, we will craft the story of a company, create the script, edit the writeup, speak it out loud and allow you to assess whether what we have created actually defines your profile.

We try to answer “Why us” on behalf of your company. Our project incorporates every bit of essential and interesting information about your brand that potential customers will like.

4. Applying B-rolls

Come to us at Avatar Studios and we will show you how the B- roll can break the monotony of a video. B- roll is the supplementary footage that will come up between the main footage. Constant talking and viewing the same face on the screen can make the video boring. But we introduce the B- roll imagery where the screen will frequently change as you speak. Even if your voice is audible, people will see the visuals of the product and maybe, the faces of happy customers. It’s a great way to ensure that people listen to your profile story without the boring form.


Precise but informative

You want to inform so many things about the company and your prospective customers. But how will you make people listen to your story if you can't make it interesting? We will add that interesting missing factor with the help of our professional expertise. Our video production agency will create the appropriate video that will become the face of the brand. People should be able to perceive the company before relying on the product. What you share, how you say, how it looks and sounds on the video will largely affect the decisions of the buyers. Hence, our professional agency can play a crucial role in making the profile video.

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