Analysing the Growth of Powerful video marketing

We are living in the age of videos. TikTok Channels, Instagram reels, Vlogging, and the universal YouTube have become more popular than ever since the pandemic. It’s a video-driven world and the job of our branding company in Bangalore is to create videos to give shape to the company’s future.

However, many business owners are still apprehensive about the role of videos for marketing purposes. Many of you may even think that videos will lose their importance by the end of the year. But the world statistics point to something opposite.

Avatar Studios is ready to explain to the start-up companies as well as the established ones why videos are the future of marketing strategies. The day is not far when video marketing will be the unparalleled dominant element among all marketing channels.

One person holding a digital screen and images of so many technologies on top

Video marketing: What is it?

Video marketing is the process of incorporating videos into the marketing techniques for the promotion of your products, service, or brand, or simply sharing a message.

  • It’s an effective way to educate the target customers
  • It helps to increase user engagement on various digital channels and social media platforms.

But the outcome won’t be as per expectation unless you have the top professionals creating the videos. So, let’s show you how the importance of video marketing will be higher than ever soon.

The power of video marketing

If you take a closer look at the marketing trends of 2023, you will see that most of the trends include video marketing. It is as if the expert marketers have considered it mandatory to include videos for the promotion of a brand.

Do you know that according to market studies, 86% of businesses all across the globe are using video marketing as a potent tool for promotion? Moreover, 93% of these digital marketers agree to the fact that video marketing is the highest rewarding segment when it comes to ROI calculation.

Therefore, it’s evident that the demand and impact of video marketing are enhancing day by day. We have seen that not only marketers, but modern-day consumers are also looking out for video content that is far more interesting than any other promotional content.

Thus, we are ready to take on the higher demands of the clients to create videos, unique ones, with more interesting concepts to make sure that the brand reaches the target customers in its best form.

Videos increase conversion rates

Consider hiring our agency as an investment with the highest ROI. Research metrics show that the inclusion of a video on your landing page can increase the conversion rate by an amazing 80%!

We create the most compelling videos that will deeply influence the buying behavior of the target customers. A video can convert a visitor into a lead, ad thereby into a customer. But a text message is unable to have a similar impact level.

It is on us to convey the right impression through powerful videos so that the video becomes the ideal marketing tool.

A meaningful addition to email marketing

Instead of sending the same boring emails to the leads or existing customers, why not send something more interesting? Something, that will stir the target customers and make them visit your website to gather more knowledge about the product or service?

Building trust

Videos help us to create a trustworthy image of your brand in front of the world. We can show the work processes at your facility, and share some fun videos at work to make people perceive that there is human flesh, blood, and sweat behind the excellent products.

Increasing viewer engagement

Most of you know that Google bots closely monitor the period that the visitors spend on a website. And when we succeed to integrate some quick-loading and interesting small videos on the landing page, we find users spending more time on the landing page than on a well-designed page without videos.

The effectiveness of the videos is evident by analysing the number of views and the time spent by visitors.

Appealing option to mobile users

The world is running on smartphones and so are you. We know that 90%c viewers watch the videos on their mobiles. Hence, we have mastered the art of optimizing videos for mobile use. So, there is no doubt that the video audience will grow proportionately with the growth in the number of smartphone users.

Choose the best way to explain

A potential customer would get the motivation to use your product once you can explain your product or service thoroughly without wasting much time with the viewer. The job of our branding agency is to protect your brand aptly through short and expressive videos.

Avatar Studios can express the entire concept of a brand in a few seconds, owing to the expertise of our creative team. Contact us if you are ready to go with the power of video marketing.