A Guide to Professional Live Video Streaming

How is it that Elon Musk launches space rockets in North America and across continents, it can be watched at the same time in India?

Since the internet, many of the sophisticated technologies have been made available at the click of our fingertips. Professional Agencies/Companies takes advantage of live streaming hardware and software technologies that work over the internet to deliver live telecast or streaming of an event across the world.

Live video recordingIs it like a WhatsApp video call? Yes and No. The basic principles and the protocols are the same but a hardware based live streaming offers robust and stable streaming that can be viewed across devices and screens around the world.

Live video content broadcasting is to stay connected with your audience even if they live far apart. They leverage the internet to remove the geographic barriers between ideas & people.

A live stream video production is similar to live television production except for the fact that the video stream is broadcast on the internet rather than on traditional television networks.

There are several reasons why you should invest in this type of video production. Let us have a look:

  • It is a perfect alternative for hosting an in-person event.
  • Engagement with the audience can be done in real-time using two-way communication.
  • It tends to be less expensive rather than buying airtime on different television networks.

Live event streaming tends to have a wide range of applications which includes virtual training, live event coverage, and  several endless possibilities as well. What are the best practices involved in Live stream video production?

Here are some of the best practices that you can consider for Live stream video production:

  • Make sure that invitations to the audience are sent well in advance of the scheduled live event.
  • Follow-up alongside reminders once the scheduled event approaches.
  • Enhance the broadcast by incorporating Twitter or RSS feeds.
  • Engage with your audience by hosting a Q&A session or completing an online survey.
  • Try to make the Live stream relevant & interesting to the viewer.

What is the process involved in Live stream Video production?

The process involved in live stream video production is similar to that of a live television broadcast. Hence, it is important that upfront planning is done. Let us have a look at the process:-

  • Know the message and try to deliver it in the right way.
  • A trained production crew need to be hired to fill critical roles like camera operators, technical director, and audio engineers.
  • Make sure that ample dedicated bandwidth is present to accommodate the video upload stream.
  • If the event is set for a private audience, then ensure that the video stream is not set to public.
  • Secure the right CDN for a specific target audience & event.
  • For complex broadcasts, rehearsals play a very important role.

Live stream production poses several challenges and hence you must choose a live stream company that you can trust.

How to make LIVE stream Video Production stand out?

If you want to make your next live stream video production, then you need to follow the below-mentioned steps:-

  • You need to make a personal connection with the target audience.
  • Make use of on screen text, meaningful graphics, and product demonstrations.
  • Use a second & third camera angle for adding visual interest.
  • Incorporate previously produced elements such as Slick product launch video as part of the webcast.
  • Enhance the production value with transitions, video stingers, and lower thirds.
  • Incorporate Twitter & RSS feeds as well as add comments from Facebook Live.

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What to look out for? – hiring a live streaming professional

A live stream video needs creativity & Strategy as the heads for live video streaming. Let us have a general discussion on the factors you need to consider before hiring a professional service.

  • Goals
    The process starts with identifying the desired outcome for the video. With the following information, a step-by-step plan is created for reaching the goal using the details such as audience, event type, deliverables and available methods for the distribution process.
  • Creativity
    A visual selection process is quite necessary so you can select the style that can represent the brand. This helps to understand the desired tone for your brand. The professional must further take these details to create a story that can connect with your audience. Further, it can help to capture the identity of the brand.
  • Pricing
    Once the needs have been narrowed down & plan for reaching the objective is done, then the next thing that you need to do is select the video package that can work for you in the right way. A custom package needs to be created.
    Also, regardless of the location & time, availability of extended services to produce, shoot and edit the video content is a jackpot
  • Execution
    Each step of the project must be planned holistically so that you can get everything within your budget & timeline. Thus, you get a final product that can maximise the ROI for the event.

Let’s put it this way to make it easy for you. A showroom gets inaugurated in Bangalore and its investors can watch it live in London. All that had to be done was have a streaming kiosk that can be offered as a value added service with event coverage or as a standalone service that has the necessary technology to cater live on the internet. When Avatar handles a live streaming service, failsafe streaming is ensured with standby internet and robust hardware to handle the streaming over multiple platforms. An online editor employs linear editing on a switcher which gets its feed from multiple cameras installed at vantage points. The editor operates the switcher for an aesthetic and functional output of editing done online or on the fly, without delay in time in real time. This feed is provided as the MPEG stream emulating a camera for all the platforms such as Facebook, YouTube or any other live offering platform that you can imagine apart from a choice of dedicated platforms that can ensure reliable streaming. Embedded codes can be provided for the live streaming to be hosted on your website.

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