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VFX also called visual effects is a technology used to convert an imaginary scene to a real one by using computer-generated imagery(CGI). From simple movies to some iconic action-based thrillers, the use of VFX has been drastically increased over the past few decades in movies, tv commercials, video games, etc

We at Avatar Studios are equipped with the best in class VFX studio in Bangalore using world-class visual effects, digital content, and CGI solutions are created. Moreover, we can manage this due to the good partnership that we have made with leading producers, artists, and technologists.

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This is a technique that is widely used and is completely done with the help of computers. With CGI it is possible to create 2D and 3D illustrations of an object, any unreal elements or objects that don’t exist like aliens, monsters, etc.


Compositing also called chroma-keying is yet another technique where a scene is shot in front of a green screen background and later that background can be replaced with any scene required. Green screen is also used in many action-based films & weather forecasting.

Motion capture

This technique is used to capture the expressions or movements of people and later it is implemented into animations. When it is related to only facial expressions it is also called ‘performance capture’.

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Quality Results

We strive to provide our customers with high-quality work and we leave no stone unturned in making them happy.

Quick turnaround time

We have access to high-end technological infrastructure which helps us to deliver our work as per the scheduled timeline.

Timely Support

We are providing our customers who are all across the country with round-the-clock support for all their concerns.


The charges that we take against our services are quite cost-effective and thus anyone can easily afford us.


  • Why is VFX important?

    In filmmaking, VFX is basically used as manipulation or creation of on-screen imaginary that may not exist in the real life. So, with the help of VFX, filmmakers can create objects, environments, creatures, and events that would otherwise be impossible to create in the context of live-action.

  • What are the charges of VFX studios?

    If you are looking for a normal VFX with simple green effects, then it would cost you anywhere between 3000-6000 INR per minute. Moreover, the rates can change based on your specific needs.

  • Is blender good when it comes to VFX?

    Blender can be useful for compositing but most of the studios use nuke when it comes to compositing as it is part of the industry standards. Other than this, most of the artists use it to get the work done.

  • What are some of the common software that is used for VFX?

    Some of the common software that is used for VFX are Adobe after effects, Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya, Nuke, Mocha, etc.

  • Why are the different types of VFX?

    Some of the different types of VFX are Composting, CGI, and Motion capture.

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