Top Benefits of using a Green Screen

We all loved the movies Jurassic Park, Avenger series, Gravity, etc. right? We know all the scenes were not real and many of them had visual effects but still we watch it innumerable times and enjoy it with popcorn. That’s the magic of green screens or chroma keying technique Chroma key is a technique of using a solid color behind a person or a scene and later replacing that solid color with some visual effects, background images, to combine two images, videos, color separation post the production. You can also use green screen overlay GIFs that are entertaining. The chroma key technique is also called “keying” or keying out.
Portrait of the person with green screen
Portrait of the person with background added

Usually, the colors used are any dark colors(mostly green, blue) but we have to make sure the background color is in contrast to the foreground color. If the color is the same in both background and foreground then it becomes invisible for example, if a person is wearing a green shirt and you are using a green screen in the background later when we look at the screen the shirt will disappear. Mostly it is used in film making, weather forecasting.

With green screen videos, it is possible to add any backdrops of your choice and create a photo, video, a motion picture to impress everyone. All you require is a place to set up. We at Avatar studios, have made it easier for you by providing you a studio space with all the essential amenities you require. Be it photography, videography, editing, creation we have it all. We provide you the space you need for completing your work. Work at our place, create some amazing content and show the world what talent you have got and prove to them you can create magic out of it.

Green screen studio

Let's have a look at the benefits of a green screen

  • Clarity: ‘Visuals speak louder than audio’. With visuals, it is easier to convey. For example, any complex topics that contain diagrams, circuits cannot be explained orally. Green screens will let you make a video with clarity and makes the audience understand the topic which is highly appreciated because that makes them knowledgeable about a topic which they were struggling to understand.
  • Creativity: Green screens are the best way to show your creativity to the world. Creating a simple video and adding a background as per requirement is done by anyone but if you want to stand out from others create videos that are unique from others. By using multiple visual effects available in the editing stage you can paint your imagination in the videos and bring out your creative side.
  • Flexibility: green screen provides you flexibility by creating content in one place instead of moving the set up to multiple locations you can add any desired location sitting in one place. All you have to do is know and explore more about the advanced effects and gain the right knowledge to use it.
  • Branding: With green screens, you can create brand awareness among the people by displaying a logo with multiple colors, textures and make it look professional, and by constantly advertising it. Green screens allow you to modify the videos by replacing any images, scenes in the background. So, your efforts in making great content are not wasted in the future.
  • Budget: Green screens are very affordable as it reduces the cost of multiple locations, accommodation, travel expenses, hiring different premises required to shoot for a film. you can create the same professional videos without an extra penny. Just one investment for the green screen with the right knowledge is enough and you are all set.
  • Time-saving: As mentioned previously, with a green screen you don’t have to travel to multiple locations to bring out the right set up for video instead you can use this time in other works such as editing, thinking about different topics for your content, how to entertain your audience, and what changes you need to do for making your content more impressive
  • Consistency: Imagine you went to a whole new city just to create a video and it rains. It hurts right.. because not only you are wasting your travel expenses, but also the crucial time. For all these problems, the green screen acts as a savior because you can block the ambient light through green screens at a studio place by which you continue making videos, photos, and stop worrying about the weather conditions.
  • Portability: Unlike other sets, a green screen is portable enough to carry from one place to another. So if you don’t like the room for some reason where the green screen is set up it won’t take much time and efforts to move it to a different one and hence your focus on work is not lost
  • Professionalism: green screen will not let you compromise on your work professionalism at any cost as it gives you clean and clear videos and if you have the right knowledge the final result will be the same one as you always wanted.
  • Extended usability: green screen allows you to make any changes if required in the company branding. You can either create videos in advance and use them later or you can use the same video and make the desired changes to it

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