Top 15 Tips for Creating a Successful Reel

Reels is probably the most famous feature of Instagram that is still going strong even after years of its launch. Started with the time duration of only 15 seconds, this feature now allows you to record and post a video of up to 90 seconds. With a wide array of distinct features such as stickers, AR effects, a music library consisting more than thousands of songs, etc., Reels have everything that can get you hooked as a viewer or make you explore the short form of videos if you’re a content creator.

There’s no denying that video is the future of social media. Why, you may ask? Because everyone loves watching videos. It is not beneficial only for individuals but also businesses. So, brands must know how to put across their content in the form of Reels. Instagram algorithm works in its own mysterious ways and pushes the content of Reels more than anything else. Well, the easiest way for brands to put out their content as Reels is by hiring a video production agency. They know how to make a video that suits your business. Whether you hire a professional or not, it is important for you, as a brand, to know some hacks that can help you step up your Reels game.

    1. Find your genre:
      There must be a particular area that you’ve mastered and know more than others. It can include technology, fashion, lifestyle, skincare, educational videos and many others. There’s nothing wrong if you’re good at more than one department, however you must strive for perfection in at least one craft.
    2. Music is the key:
      If you want to grab the attention of your viewers, you must give some thoughts to your music choices for your Reels. It is one of the most important aspects of the content. You can choose the music from the library and even view trending sounds to use for your video.Behind the scenes of recording
    3. Recording speed:
      You can give your videos an aesthetic look by using slow-mo option or pace it up by speeding the Reel by 3x. You can experiment with the speed of your video as much as you want.
    4. Time duration matters:
      You can never put across your message in 15 seconds, unless you want to put a one-liner. It’s always the best idea to go for a longer duration, at least 30-60 seconds, if you want your audience to understand your message properly. You can just tell your hired video production agency in Pune and they will fit in the content within whatever time duration you tell them.
    5. Explore the effects:
      Also known as filters or AR effects, Reels allow you to choose from several effects that will enhance your video. You can choose any effect depending upon your preference such as black & white, green screen, silly face, crying face, etc.
    6. Don’t miss out:
      There is a timer option which you can choose so that you do not mess up the beginning of your video. You can set the countdown from 3 seconds to 10 seconds.
    7. Align your videos:
      In case you have shot a shaky video, Reels is generous enough to let you make your video perfect via alignment. You can tap the option and make the adjustments accordingly.
    8. Choose your side:
      Whether you are a right-hand side person or left-hand side one, you can choose your preferred side while shooting your content. This can be done in settings.
    9. Stickers and Texts:
      You can give a personalized touch to your content by adding stickers or emojis. Also, to make it more understandable, you can add text or captions that describes your video.
    10. Use video editing software:
      Post production matters the most, ask your video production company in Pune about it While you can edit your Reels on Instagram only, it is always a better idea to use a third-party software for a better quality and well-edited video.
    11. Clip your video’s music/sound:
      Clipping your music precisely is not very tough but quite important. You can just move the slider on your music to get the precise sound.
    12. Cover matters:
      Do not forget to change the cover of your video as it represents your content and works as a thumbnail. People are likely to click on your video if they find your cover interesting enough.
    13. Captions:
      Captions or titles are meant to be short and catchy. You must not cover the entire video with your caption or it will just distract your audience from the actual content. Keep it short, sweet, and eye catching.
    14. Use zoom in/out option:
      This option can be used while recording a live video. Just swipe up slowly to zoom in and swipe down slowly to zoom out, but do it only when required.
    15. Use external audios:
      You are at full liberty to use other audios that you like. You can just go to the Original Sound and use it for your video.

Instagram reels will definitely lead you to an enhanced audience engagement, provided the quality of your reel lives up to the standards. Keep in mind that you don’t overdo it with your content because that would just make your reel come across as poor. Take out your phones and start creating reels.