8 Reasons Green Screens Are Good for Your Business

We all love watching our favorite superheroes fly across the screen chasing bad guys and saving the world with their superpowers. From Baahubali’s magnificent Mahishmati to the galaxies of Star Wars, visual effects bring new worlds to life on the silver screen. What if you could use that technology to enhance your business? Read on to know how.

Before we dive in, let us understand how visual effects are made. There are many elements that go into the process of creating the scenes we see in films but the main technique used is called Chroma Keying. This is the process of layering (the technical term used for this is composting) of multiple images or videos based on the color range. It allows one specific color to be removed from one layer in order for another layer to be seen. Chroma Keying is used in many types of video production apart from motion pictures, like weather report broadcasts and video games. Various colored backdrops can be used as long as the color is distinctly different from that of the subject (the actor). The most common backdrop color used for this technique today is green.

Blue to green

Chroma Keying as a technique has been evolving since the 1900s when double exposure of the film using various techniques was used to create visual effects. This process was called composting. They used composting to mimic everyday motions like the scenery outside a moving vehicle. Of course, this was still in the era of black and white films. Color film brought about new techniques wherein blue colored backdrops were used. But the quality was not good as the blue could not be fully separated from the subject. As cameras and production shifted from film to digital, green screens replaced blue screens and are used today.

Blue screen studio
Blue screen studio

Why green?

Green is the preferred color used for chroma keying backdrops today as the color can be easily separated from human skin color. Digital cameras today capture more information in the green channel than any other, resulting in clearer images and easier color separation. Green screens are also easier to light which helps combine live action with animation more seamlessly. Blue screens usage is limited to specific video productions like weather broadcasting.

Benefits of using Chroma Keying

Green screen videos are a great tool to use to grow your business. We live in the digital age where information is available to everyone at the touch of a button. With smart phones at our disposal and social media dictating trends, businesses too must evolve to keep up with the pace. Communication is now more visual than verbal, making film and videos the best tools to aid in business growth. Green screens allow us to use visual effects to communicate with consumers quickly and effectively. Here are 8 ways your business can benefit from using green screen videos.

  • Flexibility – Green screen allow you to put as much content as you wish in any form you choose to express it. Video, animation, graphics, info graphics, and more can be used to convey your message as opposed to a video without green screens where the choice is limited.
  • Interactive – As the options are endless, green screen videos can help engage the consumer in your product or service.
  • Better communication with the audience – The gap between the consumer and you is reduced due to interaction.
  • Branding – The brand name and logo can be superimposed wherever you want or need it. Repetition makes the audience remember the brand and logo.
  • Consistency – Green screen videos provide more control over all the elements in the video, making it easier to maintain consistency in the videos. Consistency is essential in building and maintaining the brand image.
  • Time saving – As all the filming is done in one location, a studio, no time is lost on transporting oneself and equipment to various locations. The desired locations can be created as required.
  • Affordable – Green screen requires minimal set up, the production cost is lower. Green screen videos can be shot within a studio without the need to film at the actual location, with fewer people and less lighting.
  • Creativity – There is no limit to creativity with green screen videos as one can experiment to find what suits their brand image the best.
  • Revisit and rework – Green screen videos can be revisited as the business grows and changes can be made to suit the business at every stage. Extra footage can also be incorporated more easily.

Chroma Keying has many uses and can be a very useful tool to build your business and increase visibility.