10 Video Marketing Trends You Need To Know for 2023

Business organizations are bustling with activities for planning marketing strategies for this new year. So far, market trends show that video marketing is going to rule the world of content strategies in the year 2023.

If you are sitting relaxed thinking that the existing videos will be enough to market your brand this year too, it’s time to wake up. Our video production company in Chennai has mapped the continuous evolution of the various aspects of video marketing strategies.

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Our team of core professionals at Avatar Studios is busy creating 30-second ads, live footage, vlogs, and other featured videos to engage the audience in new ways for the different clients. We have seen that more than 80% of online users prefer videos over texts while gathering knowledge about a brand or comparing multiple brands.

So, here we share the top video marketing trends of this year to make sure that you are collaborating with the right agency for the perfect execution of the job.

#1. TikTok style

TikTok continues to rule the video marketing world for the B2C industries. The energetic style, and the entertainment. These videos will be self-explanatory and short. So, we try to make it as much interesting as possible to make sure that you get popular in minimum time. And this style is highly influential when it comes to marketing.

#2. User-generated videos dominate

User-generated contents are the top video trends on social media. UGC involves the existing users who are talking about your products and how it has positively affected their lives. Our video production agency in Chennai can utilize such videos to showcase the use of the product in its natural habitat.

#3. Interesting stories

Stories are also a fast-progressing category of video marketing trends this year. We are creating time-limited but innovative videos that successfully spark maximum interest among the viewers. As viewers get only 24 hours to view the story, the urge to consume the video faster increases the number of views quickly.

#4. How-to videos are helpful

Most digital marketers will agree with us when we say that videos can help a potential customer to understand the use of the product or service clearly. And it will significantly decrease the number of product support calls. So, we are more into creating how-to videos for brands to introduce the product through a step-by-step process. If you have not done it yet, let us show you how it can be helpful in customer acquisition.

#5. Behind-the-scene videos

Do you know what’s going to work magic this year? It’s the behind-the-scenes videos. Let’s show the audience how much effort goes into making the product or service. We show recordings of office facilities, workplaces, employees, and all the madness at work to make people believe that this brand is functional and very much alive!

#6. Diversification of digital communities

As digital marketing trends are undergoing rapid evolution, so is the expectation of the customers. People are searching for human elements even while, perceiving a product or service online. So, we are developing creatives based on viral trends and ongoing headlines to make sure that the contents are equally effective in diversified digital communities.

#7. Interactive videos

Let’s own it. Traditional videos can get a little boring. So, here we come with interactive videos where the viewers can participate in the stories. We allow the audience to change the ending of the story or even offer instructions to the videos regarding what to do next. The whole idea is to apply an active role to the users.

#8. Silent captioned videos

It may sound weird, but we are creating silent videos, purposely. Yes, you heard us right! In this mobile-first era, people watch videos on the go. So, a loud sound is either annoying or inaudible. So, let’s express more through visuals and allow the viewers to absorb the entire information accurately.

#9. Live to stream

Live stream videos have become more popular than ever since the pandemic. We are promoting brands and events online through live videos as the online audience tends to watch live videos longer than pre-recorded ones.

#10. Optimize for individual platforms

Our video production agency wants to ensure maximum user engagement for the videos. Thus, we work on the size, type, and format of the videos before posting them on individual sites to make sure that these have optimization for the individual sites.